He’s Got Jokes: 10 Funny Texts From Dads

We love nothing more than reading ridiculous texts from other people’s dads. From ridiculous jokes to technology misses, texts from dads never fail to make us laugh.

We’ve had a blast searching the internet to bring you the funniest texts from fathers. You may grow up and leave their house, but they will always have the right to school you via your phone. Thanks papas everywhere for keeping us smiling!

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These Texts From Dads Are Seriously Hilarious

iPhone Updates

We love a play-by-play from dear Dad.

Love, Moth

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Classic Dad texts. #repost @dadtexting

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He’s got major jokes.

Discovering Voice Dictation

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“My finger” #dadtexts #ohhhromeo

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It’s always interesting watching our parents discover new realms of technology.

Stupid Cupid

This father isn’t dishing out any romance advice.

Love, Dad

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As an adult child, you are always on parental tech support duty.

Just a Pervert

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#dadtexts #textsfromdad

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We’re just gonna leave this one here.

He Was Ugly

Thanks for understanding, Pops!

“No Emogies”

Use your imagination to insert little holiday decorations here.

Fashion Advice

How endearing is this text?

Papa Doesn’t Play

This guy is keeping it real and we respect it.

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