10 Great Non-Candy Easter Basket Themes

If you are looking for a great non-candy Easter basket this year, look no further!

“My niece’s basket from me this year will be a big bucket with her name on it, cucumber (her fav) seeds, gloves, etc, etc. the bucket will be her planter. I can’t wait for her to grow her own food. She’ll be soooo proud. I’m gonna throw in some wildflower seeds so her and my sister can toss them around the woods line also. Useful, inexpensive, fun, involved, educational. The list goes on. I’m so excited for this Easter,” one user wrote to a Reddit thread dedicated to non-candy Easter basket themes.

“Sticker book? Last year for the Easter egg hunt, we put blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in the eggs instead of candy. My boy was stoked!”

“The expensive exciting band-aids. Like Welly band-aids that come in awesome prints and colors.”

“I use Easter baskets to stock up on things for spring/summer that I was going to buy anyways. So I just do it in pastels and/or something vaguely spring/summer themed. So usually a new pair of Sun Sans or Natives. A bathing suit. A pair of PJs. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Stickers. Some type of spring-themed book. Sunglasses if needed,” the user began.

“Then I just fill in with age-appropriate snacks and treats. Both of my girls got monogrammed Jellycat bunnies in their first Easter baskets, and my 13-month-old is getting her first lovey in her basket this year. Her big sister has waaaaaaaayyyyy more stuffed animals that anyone needs and for sure both grandmas will put stuffed animals in their baskets anyways (????????) so I don’t do stuffed animals anymore. Our baby is getting close to walking, is learning to drink out of cups, and is starting to explore utensils, so depending on how full her basket is, I may buy some of those things in spring-y colors and add,” they concluded.

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“We usually do bathing suits, outside water toys. We live in FL, so we are close to being able to use these things. But anything you would normally give, like clothes, washcloths, towels, can work. Also, if they like fruit snacks or another snack, it doesn’t have to be candy. They are happy to get/open anything at this age.”

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“Stickers for the toddler. Teethers for the baby.”

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“They have some bunny-themed toddler books too – not necessarily religious but just colorful & cute like ‘Babies Love Easter’… also some classics like ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ & ‘Goodnight Moon’.”

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“You could then do a similar thing for the baby to make it look fair- crib sheet set, outfit, and little jingle toys or something. Your 3yo will probably enjoy getting to update the rooms with the new gifts! Oh and I usually throw a pair of sunglasses in there too.”

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“I think last years basket for my son was the best yet (not to toot my own horn or anything), he was 2.5. I got him a new shirt and pair of shorts, a kid sized rake, seed kits (one strawberry and the other I think was coneflower), a Melissa and Doug puzzle box (4 puzzles total), a new straw cup, fart putty, a book and a little candy. I wasn’t sure what he’d think of the seed kits but he loved them. He actually asked not that long ago where his strawberries were ???? (we live in WI and they finally died in like November).”

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“Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, any outdoor toys, a new spring/summer outfit, temp tattoos, a book. My daughter will be 8 months next month for Easter and I’m struggling with her. I got her a book and an outfit so far. I might toss in a fun new snack for her to try (we’re just getting into solids) and maybe a small toy. I figure when there’s this small you can get away with a couple [of] random things bc they’re definitely not going to know or care! I tend to go overboard with Easter baskets and Christmas stockings bc I just can’t help myself and they’re so easy to buy for right now. I think next year I’m going to try my best to simplify and try to keep things more even/fair between them. An outfit, a toy, [a] piece of candy, something new for spring/summer.”

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