10 Hilarious Dad Memes about Fatherhood to Laugh at Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it will be here on Sunday, June 21st. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dads and let them know how much they mean to us. It’s also an excellent occasion to pick fun at them. No dad sets out to become a stereotype, but the responsibilities and stresses of fatherhood seem to make that the reality.

We decided to round up some funny memes, most of them created by dads, to help spread some joy around this holiday. Here are 10 of our favorite memes about dad to make you laugh this Father’s Day.

10. Dads Sure Love Them Some Lawns

Getting out of the house and doing something productive is a dad’s driving force. The yard is place to teach the lessons of hard work and responsibility. We actually think dads enjoy doing the lawn because the lawnmower drowns out the sound of their children.

9. Dads value meat preparation.

Dads are grilling enthusiasts that really love telling you about how they prepared their meats. Why do they always have to clap the grill tongs together before turning the food over? It’s an eternal mystery.

8. Dads love doing this.

Making fun of a dad’s corny, punny jokes is human nature. Why do they do this? When you learn that dads are only making jokes solely for themselves, you can learn to love those cracks more.

7. Dads need you to know when they’re tired.

Why do dads yawn like so loudly? What is that???

6. Dads love to see it.

This hilarious meme perfectly captures how a dad feels when their child has mastered the art of the dad joke. It’s so real.

5. So much grilling.

It’s the simple pleasures in life that really make it worth living and dads intrinsically understand this fact. A grill holds a very special place in every man with progeny’s heart.

4. Dads don’t enjoy a letdown.

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No dad wants to deal with a meltdown, so learning the “We’ll see” technique is essential for a father’s survival.

3. Dads are problem solvers and innovators.

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Fathers desire to be as lazy as humanly possible has made them authoritative innovators in the field of domestic life. We love them for it.

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2. Not all Dads are friends.

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We all have “frenemies” so it’s only natural for dads to have rivals they want to vanquish. It could be the neighbor with the superior yard, the dad with better golf clubs, or simply the other dad who gets too flirty with mom. They’re all his mortal enemy.

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1. Dads love a chair.

Cuddles with Dad on the couch? Never! He must have his own “throne” to sit alone in. Why do they do this? Why are recliners a thing? Why don’t they share? We suppose we do understand the appeal of a chair that turns into a bed with the pull of a lever.

Yay for dads! We kid because we love them. Make sure you at least call dad on June 21st (if you have a good relationship, of course). Let him know you love him and consider sharing some of these dad memes with him.

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