10 Hilarious Pregnancy Nesting Memes

Ah, nesting! All pregnant mamas go a little nuts before the arrival of their little one.

Scroll on for our favorite nesting memes along with a few hilarious Reddit stories about nesting mamas…

“Ahhh the other day I was in the shower,” the one user wrote.

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“I sat on the edge of the tub to shave my legs. I noticed the grout was looking gross so I decided to take a detour and take a toothbrush to all of the grout. My husband came home from work and was like ‘woaaah the tub looks beautiful!’ It was going to bother me so bad if I didn’t do it right then and there. Stupid nesting.”

“My worse nesting moment happened half way through my pregnancy,” one user wrote.

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“My two year old had peed on my memory foam mattress. And the smell was getting to me. No manner of cleaning and spraying was getting rid of the smell that was stuck in my nose. No one else could smell it. But it was driving me insane. Insane to the point of crying. Insane to the point of calling my mother and ranting my rage over the smell and mattress. My poor SO couldn’t help.”

“And wasn’t helping by making absurd suggestions for covering the smell (in my mind at the time),” she continued. “I knew logically that the mattress was old. Had been through a couple pregnancies and accidents. IT HAD TO GO. In a fit. I started taking a knife to it and cutting it up so we could throw it out easily in our small garage can. Everyone stayed clear as I cried while cutting up my favourite mattress. Hormones meets nesting equala hell. Everyone stayed clear of me for the next couple of days.”

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“My husband found me sobbing over a pile of trashcans I was washing in the tub because they wouldnt scrub completely clean like new,” one user shared. “If you can find something that relaxes or distracts you from it, dive in is all I can say. For me it was binge watching birth stories and videos, so not far from nesting really, but at least I could put the cleanliness out of my mind a little bit because I felt like I was still preparing for labor and baby I guess.

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“I’m here at 27 weeks and I’m a nesting fool right now which is only made harder that I literally clean ALL D*** DAY only to have my 2 year old following me around undoing all the progress I’ve made.”

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“Last time, I nested during my third trimester, and it was a very specific nesting: I was sorely focused on doorknobs. They had to be clean and shiny and perfect, I spent hours on them. Hormones are weird,” another mom wrote.

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“Pregnancy Brain is also horrifically real,” one mother shared. “So many hormones waging war in her that her minds literally can’t remember some of the most basic stuff. Like we already ordered pizza for tonight, we don’t need to order it again, it’ll be here in 20 minutes.”

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“I vacuumed my garage the day before I went into labor. Not sure if I was nesting or I’d just run out of things to clean,” another mom shared.

“I made a checklist of things I wanted to accomplish before he made his appearance,” one mother said of her second child. “I didn’t do much of anything on my list until about 36 weeks. At 36 weeks, I got my nesting instincts and made my start. I got out all my tiny baby clothes and things. I scrubbed my bathroom and kitchen. The day after that I was going to my 37-week check and had plans to spend the day doing freezer meal prep with my mom after. I’d texted her the day before joking that I was nesting,”

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“Then we went to the checkup and my ultrasound revealed I was losing fluids. So instead of doing my freezer meal prep, I went in to be induced instead. ????????‍♀️ Needless to say I felt rather annoyed my nesting texts were correct,” the mom concluded.

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