10-Year-Old Shown TikTok Suicide Video At School, Mom Asks For Advice

Earlier last week, TikTok circulated a horrific clip of a man’s suicide is going viral — which disturbed many viewers, adults and children alike.

The app’s team have been “scrambling” to remove copies of the video before it reaches the eyes of more viewers but some say it’s too late. According to one mom’s recent Reddit post, her 10-year-old daughter has already seen the graphic clip and is overwhelmed with the impact it will have on her.

10-Year-Old Shown TikTok Suicide Video, Mom Asks For Advice
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Originally, the disturbing clip was livestreamed on Facebook in August. And while it was later taken down, copies have surfaced all over the web, and TikTok in particular seems to be struggling with wiping the video off its platform for good.

“On Sunday night, clips of a suicide that had originally been livestreamed on Facebook circulated on other platforms, including TikTok,” a representative for the company told CBS News revealed last Tuesday. “Our systems, together with our moderation teams, have been detecting and removing these clips for violating our policies against content that displays, praises, glorifies, or promotes suicide.”

“We are banning accounts that repeatedly try to upload clips, and we appreciate our community members who’ve reported content and warned others against watching, engaging, or sharing such videos on any platform out of respect for the person and their family,” the TikTok representative continued.

The man in the video has yet to be identified nor has his death been confirmed.

10-Year-Old Shown TikTok Suicide Video, Mom Asks For Advice
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The video is believed to be authentic and has been alarming millions of viewers. In the post, the mom revealed how a classmate showed her daughter a clip.

“Just picked up my kids from school and my almost 10-year-old told me that a boy in her class showed her and her friends that video of that guy shooting himself!” the anonymous mother wrote. “For starters, I don’t know why the kid was watching TikTok videos IN CLASS!! Don’t the teachers monitor this??”

In addition, she also commented on how her daughter is especially sensitive and anxious.

“She doesn’t watch anything that is remotely scary or graphic, so this would be especially traumatizing for her!” the mother continued. “She seems OK about it for now but said something like ‘The man killed himself with a gun and blood went everywhere but it’s not a movie, it’s real.’ So I can’t even try to smooth it over and tell her it’s fake. She’s not stupid! Not sure how to handle this.”

10-Year-Old Shown TikTok Suicide Video, Mom Asks For Advice
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Other commenters were shocked and many informed the mom she should bring it up with the child’s teachers.

“I’d be a total Karen and email the teacher, principal, and whoever else all on one email bitching like crazy,” one person wrote. “Why does a kid that age even have access to the internet?!”

Others chimed in with advice on how to talk with her daughter about the clip.

“I’d sit her down and ask her what she is thinking after being shown it and then see if she wants to talk to a therapist or the school counsellor,” one person said. “Each kid is affected differently with these sorts of things so hopefully it doesn’t stick with her long term … It just sucks that this shit can be circulated all over social media and are basically in the palms of our kids hands.”

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