11 Signs Your “Soulmate” Is Looking For Greener Pastures

You’ve found your soulmate! Or so you thought. But now you’re having doubts.

Betrayal is one of the worst feelings in the world. The loss of trust can have you feeling like you will never believe in love again. Unfortunately, most of us have experienced this feeling. In fact, it’s becoming more common in this dysfunctional social media environment.

So, it’s only natural that we strive to develop defense mechanisms as much as we can to try and protect ourselves from being hurt again. This doesn’t mean distancing yourself from relationships forever, but being cautious after experiencing loss of trust. Here are some signs that might indicate your soulmate is interested in someone else or looking for love elsewhere.

If you see any of these signs, you and your partner seriously need to have an in-depth conversation.

1. Their new habits are hard to explain

This is particularly obvious if you’re living together, but if you notice your partner suddenly developing erratic or strange behaviors, explanations are needed. You have a right to be concerned, especially if tasks that used to take only a few minutes are now taking hours to complete. Don’t ignore your instincts.

2. You feel they no longer want to spend time with you

Do you feel like your partner would rather be someone else when they’re with you? If you’re constantly having that feeling with your soulmate, chances are you aren’t wrong. First of all, an attitude of “hurry up and get this over with” isn’t healthy in a relationship. What is more, it may be a signal that your soulmate is getting bored and looking for romance elsewhere.

3. Eye contact becomes less

Guilty people avoid making eye contact. If you’re used to staring into each other’s eyes lovingly, but that no longer happens, your partner might be trying to hide the guilt they are feeling. Some people will even start wearing sunglasses to avoid eye contact.

4. There are more fights

Things that didn’t bother your partner in the past now lead to full-blown fights. They’ll blame you for the smallest things, and make you feel as if there’s nothing you can do right. It’s their way of projecting their guilt of having an interest in someone else. The more they pick fights with you, the more suspicious you should be.

5. The passion is gone

This one can be difficult to gauge, as your sex drive naturally fluctuates in a relationship. But if your partner suddenly seems disinterested in having sex with you, that should ring alarm bells. Discussing the lack of intimacy in your relationship is important because there could be some other cause for this issue – as a medical problem. But if they insist everything’s fine and still act bored or fail to be passionate when you have sex, that’s a sure sign something’s off with your relationship.

6. There are no more deep conversations

Having a significant other is very much like having a partner in crime but in a good way. You should be able to share everything and anything. Talk to each other freely, without worry. If you feel like your partner isn’t sharing with you anymore, or that they’re closed off and refuse to engage in anything but small talk with you, that’s a problem. If you’re no longer your partner’s confidante, who is?

7. You feel left out

Your partner may no longer include you in events involving their social circle. If you find that you’re no longer invited to company functions, family get-togethers or parties, your partner might have started taking steps towards your separation. Or worse, they don’t want you to encounter their new person of interest.

8. They’ve become vainer

Many people cheat because they feel their self-confidence is suffering in their relationship. If your soul mate starts taking longer than usual to get ready for mundane trips out, buying new clothes, using cologne, pumping iron, or making an extra effort to look smart, it’s possible they’re doing it for someone other than you.

9. They hide their phone

If the trust’s gone, then the relationship is gone as well. You’ll notice your partner getting increasingly neurotic about their phone. They avoid the possibility of you glancing at their messages or their social media. This probably means that they’ve already developed an interest in someone else and they know it’s wrong, so they’re trying to hide it from you.

10. They show physical attraction towards someone else

You can only gauge this when you’re around your partner. If you see them being too familiar with someone else, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Many people try to stay positive and tell themselves it’s just part of their partner’s character – and refuse to believe their lying eyes.  Don’t ignore facts for fiction.

11. They have stopped caring

Soulmates work together to fix whatever problems arise in their relationship. If your partner seems to not give a shit about things that once were important, it means they have probably given up on the relationship. Once someone no longer care, the relationship is over.

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