15 Halloween Wedding Cakes for a Spooky Happily Ever After

We love an October wedding as much as the next, but some couples are taking it to a whole new level with Halloween-themed wedding cakes. It’s not just creepy cakes, some couples are choosing a Halloween theme for the entire wedding ceremony. Where more traditional weddings lean into romance, others take a different approach and use the event to express the couples’ personalities.

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For a more laid-back wedding that has tons of character, consider an alternative theme like Halloween. It will keep your guests talking and allow for a less buttoned-up affair. The best part of any Halloween wedding has got to be the treats and you can have a blast with the cake! Here are 15 of our favorite Halloween wedding cakes. Even if they’re not your cup of tea, you have to admire the creativity.

A Deep Red Wedding Cake

For a Dia de los Muertos inspired wedding cake, go red! Look at the black, lacey icing work on this sinful stunner. The blood-red roses make this cake equal parts romantic and morbid.

Love Me to the Bone Cake

Prove that you love them to the marrow with this black and white wedding cake. It’s topped with some skeletal lovers and black roses for gothic flare.

Til Death Do Us Part Cake

This Halloween wedding cake depicts a graveyard scene complete with a spooky tree and jack-o-lanterns. For a wedding cake that says, “I love you to death,” look no further.

Gloriously Gothic Wedding Cake

What’s white and black and red all over? This gothic-inspired wedding cake! Complete with cake toppers that give us Dia de los Muertos, this cake will make your heart skip a beat.

Beautifully Batty Black and White Cake

With just a touch of black, this elegantly designed wedding cake’s genius is in the contrast. For a Halloween wedding cake that won’t freak out your mother-in-law-to-be, this bat cake will delight.

Victorian Corsette Cake

It wouldn’t be Gothic Horror without some romance. This Halloween wedding cake’s got the best of both. The decoration here is breathtaking.

Smiling Skull Cake

This wedding cake has a bone to pick with you. Let smiling skulls greet your guests before they take a bite out of this horrific cake.

Simply Spiderwebs Cake

Here’s another simple, but stunning, black and white wedding cake. The delicately iced spiderwebs look as if they’ve been spun by an actual black widow. But, no talk of widows on the special day.

The Monsters of Frankenstein Cake

With Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of Frankenstein herself on top, we couldn’t think of a more apt Halloween Cake theme. The silhouette of a gnarly tree on the cake is thrilling as well.

Blood and Brains Cake

Nothing says, ‘I love you’ like the medulla oblongata. For fans of gore, this bloody Halloween cake will be a hit. How many bad brain jokes will that weird uncle make about this one?

Gravestone Cake

This grim grey wedding cake looks just like a gravestone. Complete with pale roses and decor, this cake is a ghostly delight.

Brushed Bones Cake

This dark, airbrushed wedding cake has the pallor of death. The iced white flowers help soften the design of this otherwise bone-chilling confection.

Black Death Cake

Revelers beware of the black death cake. This creepy cake is black on black with pops of red roses. The white skull cake topper wishes you and yours well.

Sweet Skulls Cake

Look at the amazing sugar skulls that decorate this triple-tiered cake. The dripping black and intricate icing work is truly incredible.

‘Hocus Pocus’ Cake

For fans of Hocus Pocus who want to immortalize the moment, consider this Hocus Pocus wedding cake complete with a stone Winifred Sanderson. Would you dare conjure a spell on your wedding day?

We would! We can’t get enough of the Sanderson sisters around here!

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