15 Reasons Why Women Like Husky Men

Muscular guys are good to look at and daydream about, but they have their problems too. For one thing, they can be high maintenance. For another, they can be vain. They can also be conceited, cocky, and rude to people who aren’t in as good of shape as they are. So when you really think about it, it’s no wonder why some women like a man who is tall and a little husky.

Our society places so much value on physical appearance, and this hurts men as much as it hurts women. Men are cons. So with that in mind, we ask you to consider husky men.

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Here are 15 reasons why husky men are a desirable commodity.

15 Reasons Why Women Love Husky Men

1. He’s confident and comfortable with himself

15 reasons why women like husky men

There’s nothing more attractive than a man (or woman) who is accepting of themselves. He doesn’t feel the need to change for anyone.

That also means he won’t expect you to change for anyone, either.

2. He’s not superficial

15 reasons why women like husky men

Looks are not the most important thing for him. So, the pressure is off for you always to try to look your best around him.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can let yourself go, but you don’t have to constantly stress over your outward appearance. A little less pressure is never a bad thing!

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3. He won’t shame you

15 reasons why women like husky men

Go ahead and eat that third slice of pizza (if he hasn’t eaten it already). Husky men won’t shame you if you gain a pound or two.

This means you can enjoy more of the things you love in life (again: pizza) without worrying that your boyfriend is judging you.

4. He’s your life-sized teddy bear

15 reasons why women like husky men

Cuddling into all his soft spots will feel like you’re snuggling on a man cloud.

And on a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing better than a husky man to keep you warm. A skinny dude just can’t do it the same way.

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5. He lasts longer in bed

15 reasons why women like husky men

Research done at a university in Turkey found that men with bigger bellies lasted 7.3 minutes longer on average than other men. That alone is enough to get yourself a teddy bear.

Judgment-free eating, a cuddly warm body, and better sex? Husky men are sounding better and better by the minute!

6. He’s not obsessed with healthy eating

15 reasons why women like husky men

Of course eating healthy should be your goal, but come on, who doesn’t want a nice cheeseburger and fries now and then?

Long gone will be the days when you go to a steak restaurant and feel forced to order a salad. Life’s looking up!

7. He knows how to have fun

15 reasons why women like husky men

He doesn’t mind acting silly once in a while because he not constantly wrapped up in what other people think of him, so he lets loose without fear of people judging him.

He loves you for you, and he loves himself, and that’s where real fun actually begins.

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8. He’s not self-obsessed

15 reasons why women like husky men

He won’t spend most of his free time at the gym sending you selfies. He won’t spend hours primping in front of a mirror before you go out and he won’t spend all his money on clothes or cologne.

Nothing’s less attractive than a man who thinks he’s the hottest thing around, especially when that should be your title!

9. He can easily pick you up

15 reasons why women like husky men

Think of all your sexual fantasies. Think of all the different positions; I’ll leave it at that.

Or if that’s not your main concern, think of the epic dance moves you can choreograph. Plus, you’ll feel light as a feather when he lifts you up into the air like it’s nothing.

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10. Endless supply of oversized t-shirts

15 reasons why women like husky men

There’s something about sleeping in your man’s oversized tees that make you sleep just a little bit more soundly.

Date a husky man and suddenly your wardrobe just got instantly more comfortable!

11. He’s sensitive

15 reasons why women like husky men

If he’s been husky his entire life, he knows what it’s like to be body-shamed and would never inflict that hurt on someone he loved.

Empathy like that is hard to come by. Sensitivity is a severely undervalued trait in men, and we don’t understand why: Once you have one, you’ll never want a different type.

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12. He’s happy

15 reasons why women like husky men

Researchers at McMaster University found that people with the fat gene FTO showed fewer signs of depression. There’s a reason why the word “jolly” is synonymous with being husky.

And having a happier person around will only, in turn, make you happier. Something to consider!

13. You’ll feel comfortable being naked

15 reasons why women like husky men

Sex is often very awkward, but you can lessen the anxiety of a man seeing your naked body if you aren’t worried he’s in better shape than you.

You’ll feel more comfortable getting naked in front of him. His body is not perfect and doesn’t expect yours to be either.

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14. He won’t judge your bad eating habits

15 reasons why women like husky men

On the contrary, he’ll welcome your late-night popcorn craving with open arms. Just make sure you have enough to share.

Besides, life’s more fun when you have someone to share a king-sized candy bar with!

15. He might outlive you

15 reasons why women like husky men

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Still, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the thinnest people, similar to those who have the most body fat, have higher rates of death.

In conclusion, husky men are the best!

15 reasons why women like husky men

Did you ever consider dating a husky man before? What about now, after reading this? Hard to argue with the perks!

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