15 Simple And Sweet Ways Your Kids Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is usually about showering your partner with love, it’s also a perfect opportunity to show how much you love your kiddos!

Below, we have a few simple ways to connect with your kiddo on V-Day to make them feel included and extra loved…

15. Read A Love-Themed Bedtime Story

Any book that centers around love will do just fine! Or if you’re looking to add to your collection, we have included collection above. The most important part? Letting your child know that they are loved.

14. Create A Valentine’s Craft Together

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to include a crazy-involved craft! Before you go out and buy a bunch of new supplies, go through your craft bin to find bits and pieces to make a heart collage with your kiddo or make hearts out of playdough. It truly is the thought that counts.

13. Craft A Heart-y Meal

If your kiddo loves waffles, pancakes, toast or eggs — there is a heart-shaped cookie cutter that can create a fun twist on breakfast. Easy peasy and very heart-y.

12. Gift Your Kids A V-Day Voucher

Kids love having options, so let them choose! Gift your kiddo a Valentine’s Day voucher they can work through all year long. Valentine’s Day is just one day so why not show them you love them throughout the seasons? Plus, the voucher is a great way to have your kiddo have something to look forward to.

11. Make Time For Mani-Pedi’s

Time to dust off your nail polish collection and have an impromptu at-home spa day! Cut up some cucumbers for everyone’s eyes and have your kiddos soak their feet in the tub. Once everyone is relaxed, put on some calming music and get painting away. A fun twist? Have your kiddos paint YOUR nails. It may not be professionally done but it will be a fun memory for all involved.

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10. Have A Sweet Photoshoot

Rifle through your dress-up bins and grab some sheets! It’s time for a photoshoot — VDAY style! Turn on some tunes and have them act out silly poses while you take photos of them. You can add in bubbles — heart streamers if you’re feeling fancy — or big, goofy grins.

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9. Wear Matching Pink Or Red Outfits

They don’t have to match exactly but picking out clothes that are only pink or red can be a fun activity for parents and kiddos alike to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day (while also practicing their colors).

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8. Cut Out Paper Hearts

A tried and true classic! Grab some construction paper and markers and let your little one go to town. Whether they create cards for family and friends or just decor for around the house, you can’t go wrong with this beloved activity.

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7. Sweet Treat Surprise

Instead of dealing with the mess and stress of baking, support your local bakery by purchasing a few Valentine’s Day desserts. It will also serve as a great incentive for them to finish their veggies at dinner time.

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6. Teach The Kids How To Give Compliments

Why not share the love by teaching your kids how so how love? Parents can start off by listing off all the things they love about their child and then ask them what are some things that they love. You may be surprised by their answers!

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5. Have A Lil’ Family Movie Night

Grab all your coziest blankets, some popcorn, and watch a cute cartoon love story with your family. Disney+ will have plenty of options!

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4. Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

Maybe it’s buying your elderly neighbor flowers or baking cupcakes for your kid’s afterschool group — but showing a random act of kindness may be the most important valentine’s day activity that your child will take part in.

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3. Create An At Home Valentine’s Box

If your kids are doing virtual learning, they may have missed out on in-person Valentine’s Day parties, which usually require an adorably decorated Valentine’s Box. Continue the fun at home and create your own masterpiece alongside them.

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2. Valentine’s Day PJ’s

If your days are too busy for crafts or bakery pit-stops, why not celebrate with adorable Valentine’s PJ’s? Your kiddo will love the pops of color and feel snuggly warm all night long.

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1. Bubble Bath Time!

Why not add a little fun to the bedtime routine with a colored and bubbly bath bomb?! Mom will be happy they are clean and the kiddos will be happy to get some playtime in before bed.

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