15 Timeless Pregnancy Announcements That Will Inspire You To Create Your Own Magical Moment

When it comes time to make the highly-anticipated pregnancy announcement, the pressure to be creative, cute or funny can take the fun out of the entire experience.

So let us do the work for you! No need to stress because we have collected these classic pregnancy ideas that will inspire you to create your own magical moment when it comes time.

The Featured Onesie

An instant clue that you are bringing a little one into the world, this option is not only adorable but super cute. Plus, your baby will have something adorable to wear once they get here!

Involve the Siblings

While they may not know exactly what’s going on yet, soon-to-be-older-siblings can usually tell when something big is coming amid pregnancy. And odds are, they will want to be a part of it! Whether they are wearing a cute tee that says “Big Sister” or holding up a board that says “First Child Status Expires On…” — this option can be super fun and memorable for all involved.

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The Baby Bump Look

The classic and beautiful baby bump look will let everyone know exactly what is going on. You have a sweet lil bun in the oven! It is a great option for partners who want to get involved in the announcement too. The baby bump look will surely showcase a lovely, touching moment.

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Include the Dogs

Do you have fur babies? If yes, then congratulations! It sounds like you found your next models for your pregnancy announcement. The photo will not only be hilariously adorable but also, your doggos will be excited to join in on the joy of having a new sibling.

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Personalized Gift

What better way to break the news to soon-to-be grandparents than with a gorgeous keepsake? Be it a puzzle, a mug, or a t-shirt, this is a great way for the family to have a physical reminder of your little bundle of joy joining them soon!

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Bun In The Oven

We love this deliciously adorable look — because what is sweeter than a bun in the oven announcement? Don’t forget the flour! This pregnancy announcement is deliciously cute.

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This look checks all the boxes while also giving your loved ones a date on the calendar to look forward to!

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Spell it out with balloons! A pop of color with an exciting pregnancy message will be sure to impress.

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The Crib Look

A statement look that captures your special message within a crib not only builds excitement but also lets everyone know that you can build more than just fast furniture from Ikea.

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Sonogram Reveal

Gorgeous, simple and to the point, why not show off the first pictures of your little one when sharing the big news?

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Lil’ Baby Shoes

Say it in a sweetly and discreetly! Lil’ baby shoes are perfect for letting everyone know, you’ll have another little human running around soon.

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Share Dad’s Big News

Why not share the news by well — sharing the moment you told your partner the lifechanging news? Emotionally raw and unforgettable, this picture says a thousand words.

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Jokes, Jokes and More Jokes

For the couple with sense of humor, why not combine a few elements to create your own fun moment announcing your little one’s arrival? If they end up inherting your sense of humor, they will absolutely appreciate this down the line!

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The Classic Symptoms-Look

Well, this look certainly says you are pregnant! Nausea, a common symptom of pregnancy, is a star element to feature in your announcement if you have a sense of humor, little shame and plenty of down-to-earthness!

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Matching Monogram Pieces

Last but certainly not least, say it with a keepsake you can wear out and about. Be it matching jackets, hats or tees — this look is cute and fashion forward.

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