Relatives of Two Men Who Died on an Island Hope Their Wives Come Forward, It’s Believed They Know More Than They’re Letting On

Their families want answers, but right now all there is are questions as authorities work to figure out how two longtime friends died the day before New Year’s Eve 2018. While on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillory never saw the start of 2019 because, by December 31, the friends were poisoned by a lethal dose of methylenedioxyamphetamine and cocaine, according to the island’s coroner said. However, neither man was known to use drugs.

As People reports, Guillory’s death certificate also said he had suffered from asphyxia, strangulation, and chest compression while MacPherson-Pomeroy’s certificate added seizure and cardiac and pulmonary distress. Now the biggest question is “what do their wives know” about their unexpected and tragic passing?

relatives of two men who died on an island hope their wives come forward, it's believed they know more than they're letting on | when police and emts arrived, guillory was already "motionless on the living room floor," dead. macpherson-pomeroy was then found in a bedroom experiencing a seizure.

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According to MacPherson-Pomeroy’s wife Barbara’s attorney, on December 30, 2018, Barbara, MacPherson-Pomeroy, and Guillory had stopped at an outdoor beach bar that night and purchased a single rum-and-Coke. According to the letter written by Barbara’s attorney, they had left the drink unattended when they went looking for MacPherson-Pomeroy’s lost flip-flop.

However, when they returned, all three of them drank from the same cup, before carrying it back to MacPherson-Pomeroy’s apartment. By 9:49 p.m. that night, according to police, Alisha Gros, who is the wife of their third friend Chuck Gros, called 911 to report that “one of her friends [was] not breathing.”

As People reports, when police and EMTs arrived, Guillory was already “motionless on the living room floor,” dead. MacPherson-Pomeroy was then found in a bedroom experiencing a seizure. He later died at a local hospital. The attorney wrote that Barbara, who also claims that she, too, became sick from the drink, “feels this was no accident and that someone intentionally tainted” the beverage.

However, questions surrounding what the wives may know began to arise when Barbara started sending emails to her friends, People reports. After being checked out at the hospital and then later detained, Barbara wrote in an email to friends that there was an allegation of manslaughter, but no record of a criminal charge or dismissal could be turned up. After they were all released, the group of friends left the island.

Now Caleb and Casey’s Families Are Doing What They Can to Get Eyes on Their Mysterious Island Deaths.

In an interview with People, Caleb’s uncle, George Guillory, hopes the men’s wives will eventually provide more concrete answers. “The longer it goes,” he told People, “the more convoluted it gets.”

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And Casey’s sister, Debanee MacPherson-Udall, has been active on social media as well. She also created a GoFundMe account which will be used for legal expenses when it comes to the investigation into their deaths.

Guillory and MacPherson-Pomeroy were cremated. Now the coroner has requested a further investigation into the two men’s passing, but the others who survived that night refused to return to Anguilla to be interviewed about what they know.

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