20 Big Tattoos So Large That We Could Never

Tattoos are such a thrilling art form that pushes the boundaries of what our pain receptors can endure. Which is why large tattoos seem so impressive. If you’ve ever seen someone with a big tattoo that covers the majority of their back or even their body, you might have thought to yourself… how? Some people can really get into a meditative state when getting a big piece of work done and let a tattoo artist buzz away for hours while they sit, absolutely still. That probably seems like most of our worst nightmares, but dedicated tattoo enthusiasts love it.

As you might imagine, people who choose big tattoos for themselves aren’t shy about it. The result is often bold design choices that showcase the sacrifice (time, money, pain, patience) that a person has endured achieving their oversized body art. We decided to take a look at really big tattoos that span a lot of skin and present impressive skill and interesting perspective. Here are 25 big tattoos that are so large that we surely wouldn’t survive.

Cherry Blossom

Not just a cherry blossom or small branch, no, nearly the entire cherry tree! This sprawling tattoo stuns with delicacy and vibrancy. The blossoming of a cherry tree only lasts a couple of weeks before the petals begin to wilt and fall. Enjoying the blossom is a fleeting experience. That makes this timeless tattoo of them even more special.

Irezumi by Way of SK

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This beautiful Japanese traditional-style tattoo was shared by a South Korean tattoo artist is certainly not dainty. Covering the majority of the torso and complete with a cherry blossom storm and hannya mask, it showcases some of the most beloved motifs of Japanese tattoos.

This Octopus is Hip

Cardi B recently revealed a reworked version of her (huge) peacock tattoo that extends all the way down her hip and thigh. This octopus tattoo from Poland shares a similar placement. We love the tangle of tentacles here and how the black, greys, and greens fade into one another.

Do a Double Snake

Snakes and roses are popular, American traditional tattoo designs that you’ll find time and again. These intertwined snakes stretch all the way from the upper shoulders down to the small of this man’s back. It’s done beautifully in black and grey ink.

Big and Baroque

This insanely large back tattoo spills over onto on arm creating an entire tattoo sleeve as well. Referencing Gothic, Baroque, and Contemporary styles, this tattoo is absolutely nuts and we’re very excited about it.

Looks like Death

We kid about the skull at the upper arm and shoulder, but what really looks deadly is the blackout portion of the tattoo which, undoubtedly, was excruciating. The skull is chilling and morbid and this entire design seems somehow balanced and cohesive.


Spilling from the nape of the neck all the way down to the small of this woman’s back, this enormous tattoo with tons of detail had to have taken several sessions to complete. The photorealistic flowers contrast well with the abstract background. Ouch.

Big Caps

We love mushrooms as much as the next person, but wow, this person took it to a whole new level. The design incorporates a giant knife in case you forget that this person means business about their wild mushroom obsession.

Is this Octopus Okay?

A haunting octopus design here. We’re not entirely sure what the reference for this creature is, but it sure looks creepy. We suppose most creatures from the deep do. Done with very fine lines and brilliant attention to detail and stunning precision, from chin to waist, it definitely impresses.

Song of the Sea

There are no-frills with this tattoo, just giant, bold blocks of color. For sailors and seafarers, this would definitely be a familiar design. Ships tattooed on the chest are classic. However, this one is unique in that it blends the color and design out across the entire torso.

Paint the Back Black

Believe it or not, this humongous tattoo is a coverup of an old design. There are at least eight wolves present, roses, a mountain landscape, an eagle, and a lot more happening in this ambitious design. We have never felt more sympathy for a back.

This farreaching tattoo touches the chest, stomach, and arm. We love the shape of the bird and the warm glow of the sun in the background. The watercolor effect and “drips” also give this design so much movement and life.

A Viking Quest

This man’s entire leg is a narrative of some Norse mythology. Done in just black and grey ink, it’s moody, dark, and mysterious.

Beautiful Butterfly Wings

Someone was not shy about adoring the awesomeness of the butterfly. This gorgeous floral and butterfly design strikes balance between the black abstract design and weightless, ethereal looking flowers and insects. The design is softened further by a watercolor effect and we’re here for it.

Eye of the Tiger

Well. There’s no denying that this person wanted a TIGER tattoo! This insanely large closeup tattoo of a growling tiger is something… While the majority of the tattoo has been inked with black and grey there are touches of color in the nose and the burning eyes.

Bird of Paradise

Color, color, color! This lively tattoo shines with energy. The photorealistic face topped with a parrot makes us want a friend to sit on our heads! Extending from the hip to the knee, this big boy was no walk in the park.

This very sharp tattoo shared by a Russian tattoo artist has crisp and clean lines that make it look like a lithograph print. The eye in the center of the triangle looks like its seen better days, but we suppose it’s meant to convey wisdom?

The Dancing Flamingo

This huge tattoo of a flamingo is not doing the Flamenco, but instead, it’s outfitted with ballet slippers. The body of the bird transforms into a beautiful pink flower. This is a wonderfully weird and whimsical design that takes up this woman’s entire right flank.

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A Natural Scene

We have no earthly idea what is going on here, but this tattoo can get points for creativity. There are dueling perspectives in this tattoo that make some the creatures in it appear at odds with the rest. You won’t see anything else like this!

An Artist’s Treatise

This tattoo sort of looks like something you’d see in a bad horror movie, but it’s a tattoo about art. We venture to guess that this person is an artist making a statement about the role of artists in society. And, a statement they did make! This tattoo is all over this man!

There you have it! 20 big tattoos that took a lot of guts. While we’re very impressed by these giant tattoos, there’s no way we’re sitting for tattoos as large as these anytime soon.

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