20 Tantrum-Proof Toddler Hair Tutorials

For better or worse, school’s back in session and that means getting your little ones dressed, fed, and prepared for their school day all before getting to work yourself. Packing lunches and snacks might be the least of your worries if you have a fussy toddler who complains when it’s time to do his/her hair. Doing your toddler’s hair might seem like performing sensitive surgery because they have a meltdown once a single hair is touched. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

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Luckily for us, Youtube exists and there are many helpful videos out there showing the best methods for doing your toddler’s hair. Quick and painless is the goal and parents on Youtube have mastered the art of tantrum-free hair styling. Even if your current skill level is limited to a ponytail, there’s a video tutorial out there that can work for you. Think of those cute pigtails, braids, and buns! (Bonus: keeping kids’ hair up in braids or buns makes them less likely to catch lice!)

Here are 20 painless toddler hair tutorials we love. Many styles take just under five minutes to achieve! 

3 Simple Natural Hair Styles 

Perfect styles for natural hair can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Classic black hairstyles like flat back twists, crown twists, and a cute half-up, half-down style, don’t need to take all day. These styles are perfect for a day of school or your child’s next playdate. 

Minnie Mouse Hair Buns

Does your toddler love Disney? Of course, they do! Give your kid some cute Minnie Mouse buns with black clips! Just follow the easy steps in this tutorial and your baby will be ready to sweeten up the day. 

Quick Styles For Busy Mornings

If you’re a parent who’s super crunched for time in the morning, check out these three toddler hairstyles that are ready in minutes! 

3 Toddler Hairstyles for Beginners

They want something fancy, but you need it to be easy. Voila — three hairstyles that look impressive but are deceptively simple to master.

Baby and Toddler Hairstyles Using Rubber Bands 

If all you’ve got is a comb and some rubber bands, consider these hairstyle hacks for a fast hairdo! The results are even cuter than you’d imagine. 

3 Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

If your toddler has medium-length or shoulder-length hair, consider these simple hairstyles that will keep hair out of your child’s face and neatly in place. 

Fan Buns For Everyone (Even If You Don’t Know What a Fan Bun Is)

This cute toddler hairstyle looks very polished, but it’s super easy to achieve. Just watch this how-to video tutorial for the easiest way to do fan buns. 

Topsy Tail Hairstyle

Do you have an imaginative child who likes unusual styles? This easy, yet fun, hairstyle is super quick to put together and will give your toddler the whimsy she craves. 

Ninja Buns for Braided Hair

These ninja buns are so adorable sitting on top of braids. The look is fast and easy to style and the perfect do for toddlers and babies. 

4 Twists with A Messy Bun

Have you tried a twist yet? A hair twist is simple but playful and the messy bun on top is truly adorable. 

10 Hairstyles Ready in Under 60 Seconds

Do you have the need for speed when getting your toddler ready? These fast hairstyle tutorials will equip you with the skills to master ten different styles that are ready in a minute. 

Stair Step Ponytails 

If you’ve perfected the art of the quick updo and need a look that’s more inspired. Consider trying this stair step design. It’s a cute look and way easier than you think. 

Toddler Mohawk Hairstyle 

Does your toddler like to rage against the machine? This cute mohawk hairstyle will be a favorite for both you can your child. 

Easy High Puff Style

For natural hair, the high puff is your friend. Not only does it look absolutely angelic, it’s going to get you out the door on time!

Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyle

Don’t let the look of this style intimidate you. It does take practice, but this look for natural hair couldn’t get any better. 

Back to the Basics of Toddler Hair Braiding

Sometimes we all just need to take a breather. Get back to the basics with this video that shows you exactly how to do basic braids in your toddler’s hair. 

6 Quick Hairstyles for Kids with Short Hair

Short hair is a blessing, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Spice up your kid’s short hair with these 6 easy styles. 

An Easy Braid & Pony

This simple style combines to toddler hairstyle essentials: the pony and a braid. This would be perfect for adding a little drama from the braid while keeping it easy with the ponytail. 

A Mohawk Faux Hawk

This pull-through method allows you to pull your child’s hair away from their face and into a mohawk. The style is easy to assemble and the end result is very punk rock. 

Bow Hairstyle for Girls

Do you miss the days of big bows on your little baby? This hairstyle is going to be your go-to. You simply pull her hair back and then shape it like a bow. She’ll be as cute as a button with this easy toddler hairstyle. 

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