Watch Now: 20 Netflix Titles You’d Swear Were Hallmark Movies

Hallmark movies are so bad that they’re so good. You know the type, cheesy and romantic. The plot often involves a small-town girl who meets a hotshot city slicker. The couple struggles over whether the country, pastoral life is right for them. They both live happily ever after and there is a convoluted moral to the story. We love them and can’t get enough of them! Generally, two different things motivate you to watch a Hallmark-style movie. One is that you like to watch because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Two, you watch because it feels like you’re seeing a train wreck in slow motion.

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Either way, we’re not here to judge. And, please believe, we’re all about a cheesy movie. In fact, we’ve curated twenty different movies available on Netflix to help you get your feel-good fix. Netflix has aggressively beefed up its catalog of romantic movies that all follow the Hallmark movie formula. These films range from a Christmas themed mega-hit, A Christmas Prince to a classically inspired sleeper-hit, Rodeo & Juliet. We’re not suggesting you’ll gain any sort of enlightenment from these movies, but you will have ample popcorn-chomping fodder to help you zone out. While most of these movies are rather vanilla and rated PG others are a bit more risque. So, we’re going to include the ratings for each to help you make good choices.

20. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

Hallmark movies Netflix
Patrick Rusk / UPtv

Rated: TV-G

A Dogwalker’s Christmas tale involves a romance where opposites attract. Arrogant Luce doesn’t see the error of her self-centered ways until she meets a modest, practical dogwalker with a heart of gold. The dogwalker helps Luce turn her focus outward to the town and how she can save a beloved park.

19. The Ugly Truth

Hallmark romance on Netflix
Columbia Pictures

Rated: R

Try as she might, Katherine Heigl tempts fate by ignoring Gerard Butler’s advances. She plays a high-powered producer, while Butler portrays a rough-around-the-edges TV star. The unlikely pair hate each other so much it eventually turns into something more special. Will there be a happy ending?

18. Merry Kissmass

Christmas Romance Movie Netflix
Mar Vista Entertainment / ION Television

Rated: Not Rated

Sweet as a candy cane, Merry Kissmass tells the story of Kayla who’s busy planning her wedding when she shares a kiss with a stranger. Will this special kiss change the trajectory of her life? This Christmas romance is as Hallmark-y as they come.

17. The Competition

Netflix Hallmark Movies
Gravitas Ventures

Rated: TV-14

Thora Birch plays Lauren, a guarded woman so afraid of commitment that she sabotages every relationship before it can get serious. She has a theory that if she ends a relationship after six months she’ll avoid heartbreak. A new man enters the picture and tries his best to change Lauren’s ways.

16. Christmas in the Smokies

Rated: TV-G

Berry Farms! The Great Smoky Mountains! Country Music! Christmas! What more do you need to know about this Christmas romance?

15. Always Be My Maybe

Netflix Romance Ali Wong
Ed Araquel / Netflix

Rated: Not Rated

This romantic comedy follows a pretty generic trope: boy and girl grow up together, both love one another, both never can find the right way to say it. It takes a Keanu Reeves cameo to shake things up before the two life-long friends see each other in a different light. If you need a palate cleanser from some of the sweeter titles on this list, give Always Be My Maybe a shot. Ali Wong is a riot.

14. Rodeo & Juliet

Hallmark Movies Romantic Movies Netflix
MarVista Entertainment / UpTV

Rated: Not Rated

What happens when you set the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo & Juliet on a ranch? We’re not sure. But, Rodeo & Juliet puts a city girl in the country with a cowboy and a “special horse.” It’s cute.

13. Christmas Inheritance

Rated: Not Rated

An heiress is tasked by her father to deliver a letter to an ex-partner in a small town. Her reward is becoming the CEO of her father’s company. Will the charming Innkeeper teach her what real value is? Is Christmas magic to blame?

12. Good Sam

Netflix Movies Romantic Hallmark Movies

Rated: TV-PG

This movie features a talented reporter who chases down someone who’s randomly leaving cash around New York City. Will the reporter find love along the way? Note: there are very attractive firefighters.

11. Christmas with a View

Hallmark Christmas Movies on Netflix

Rated: TV-PG

In this Christmas Romance, a celebrity chef and a flailing restaurant manager get into the Christmas spirit together. Vivica A. Fox finds her way into this movie and doesn’t disappoint!

10. The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas Movies Hallmark Christmas Movies on Netflix
Dana Starbard / MarVista Entertainment

Rated: Not Rated

Hot ghost alert! The ‘spirit’ of Christmas, it turns out, is very attractive in glasses. Would you fall for a centuries-old Christmas ghost if he looked good in glasses? If you answered ‘maybe,’ do yourself a favor and watch this movie tonight.

9. My Perfect Romance

Hallmark Movies Netflix Romance
Brain Power Studio

Rated: PG

You might notice some Hallmark Movie veterans in this movie. In My Perfect Romance, two tech entrepreneurs fall in love testing a dating app.

8. Christian Mingle

Rated: PG

This movie is based on the popular dating website and centers itself around a young woman looking for love and finding faith along the way. You might recognize one of the stars of Mean Girls, Lacey Chabert as she stars in this wholesome movie.

7. The Holiday Calendar

Christmas Romance Movies Hallmark Movies Netflix

Rated: TV-PG

A talented photographer gets gifted a magical holiday advent calendar. As she counts down the days to Christmas, she realizes the calendar is predicting her future. Will her future hold something romantic? Or is the romance she seeks already right in front of her?

6. When We First Met

Rated: TV-14

When We First Met is not your typical romantic movie. To begin with, there’s lots of time travel and it’s hilarious. This romantic comedy will take you on a time-traveling adventure and it has lots of heart.

5. Christmas Wedding Planner

Netflix Christmas Movies Hallmark Christmas
Brain Power Studio

Rated: PG

Gossip Girl fans lookie here! This Christmas Romance has it all. It’s got plot twists, betrayal, and Wedding Planning! What more could you want from a Hallmark-style Christmas movie?

4. Set It Up

Netflix Original Romantic Comedy Netflix Movies
KC Baily / Netflix

Rated: TV-14

This romantic comedy follows two personal assistants who are both trying to set up their bosses. The two overly extended PA’s realize they’re falling for each other in the process. This one’s a cute one.

3. The Princess Switch

Netflix Movies Hallmark Movies on Netflix

Rated: TV-PG

Is Vanessa Hudgens a princess or a baker? She’s both! We get double the Vanessa Hudgens so basically there’s no excuse to miss this Netflix original. This movie is basically a mashup of The Parent Trap and The Princess Diaries. Don’t miss out!

2. Falling Inn Love

Romantic Movies Hallmark Movies Movies on Netflix

Rated: TV-PG

When a young woman wins an Australian Inn, she decides to go down under! Her prize, the Inn needs some work and she meets a handyman who could use a little work himself. This charmer from down under will definitely put a smile on your face.

1. A Christmas Prince

Netflix Romance Netflix Movies Holiday Romance

Rated: TV-PG

Last, but certainly not least, A Christmas Prince is the quintessential Christmas Romance. It’s got royalty. It’s got an undercover journalist. It’s got heart. It’s got two sequels! This massively successful Romance from Netflix will surely do the trick if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits.

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