Month: December 2019

police still looking for father who shot son's barber 3 times over a bad haircut

Police Still Looking for Father Who Shot Son’s Barber 3 Times Over a Bad Haircut

A barber is expected to survive after an angry father shot him. According to KHOU 11, the barber was shot by the father after he had finished cutting his son’s hair. Detectives investigating the shooting say the 13-year-old boy walked into the barbershop on his own one Saturday in December. After getting his hair cut, he returned sometime later with his father. RELATED: Family Grieves After 5-Year-Old Is Killed When He’s Caught in Crossfire Between Family Members This is when things went awry. As KHOU 11 reports, the father reportedly didn’t think his teenage son’s hair was cut the right way and confronted the barber about it. As a result, he agreed to fix the boy’s hair for free. Father Shoots Son’s Barber Over Bad Haircut However, an argument ensued afterward between the father and the barber in the parking lot. While his son was in the car, the father allegedly took a gun and shot the barber three times. Bullets entered his stomach, leg, and arm, before the father and son drove away. Now authorities are looking for the father responsible for harming the barber. RELATED: Dad Gets 8 Years for Fatally Punching Man Who Tried Breaking Into Daughter’s …

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sister: would you choose your pets over not being homeless?

Would You Choose Your Pets Over Not Being Homeless?

A woman writes in asking for advice on how to get through to her sister and her sister’s boyfriend after they made the decision to live in their van rather than get rid of their two dogs. According to the YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: This 8-Year-Old Boy Raised $50,000 for Homeless Veterans: ‘If They’re Heroes, Why Should They Be on the Street?’ A member of the community asks: “My sister, who recently found out she is pregnant but may be miscarrying—she won’t know for sure until the 2nd, will be homeless on the 3rd. My older sister said she would go half on the house with her and her boyfriend but only if they got rid of their two pitbull, boxer mixes. [The] dogs are not house trained and are very wild. They refuse to let them go. They are going to live in their van with their dogs, and it’s practically winter. Her boyfriend is an idiot. He paid 2,000 for the boxer, didn’t get any paperwork about the dog. [He] has had three different good-paying jobs and has managed to lose them all. [He] doesn’t talk about how much he gets paid, which is definitely $13 [an hour] + bills—water, …

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this mom told her daughter that she could not have a baby while living at home and is now wondering if she did the right thing

This Mom Told Her Daughter That She Could Not Have a Baby While Living at Home and Is Now Wondering if She Did the Right Thing

The mom, who is in her 60s, explained that she has three children, ages 30, 27 and 22. Her 27-year-old daughter currently lives at home while she and her husband save up to buy a house. The tough conversation came when her daughter started talking about having a baby shortly after her brother welcomed his first child. The mom, though, doesn’t want a baby in the house.