25 Astounding Birth Photography Images That Capture the Miracle of Life

A mother’s love for her newborn child is one of the most stunning and beautiful miracles on the planet. Capturing the moment of birth, the minutes and hours leading up to it, and all the emotions it entails are what birth photographers specialize in. These talented individuals manage to save forever some of the most prized minutes of a woman’s life. It can feel like a total whirlwind, so photographers play an integral role in memorializing the fleeting thrill of delivery.

Now, times have made birth photography more difficult with many documentarians unable to attend births in hospitals. Many hospitals are only allowing one birth partner in the delivery room so you’ll notice many of these recent birth photos are from home births. Coronavirus may have complicated things but it’s not stopping moms from mom-ing or photographers from doing their level best to capture the rapturous moment of birth. Here are 25 emotional birth photography images that captivate and pay tribute to the efforts of new moms.

Helping Hands

The moments leading up labor are helped along when you’ve got company like this. One of these little helpers understands the importance of hydration.

Water Birth

A water birth or just immersion for the first stages of labor can help things along. This powerful photograph shows one expecting mom leaning on the edge of a birth pool.

First Latch

For a new mom, the first latch is a feeling unlike any other. This delicate image captures the magic of the moment.

Labor is a Journey

The birthing center that shared this image provided the following caption: “As the waves of labor became more intense, she summoned the strength of the women that journeyed before her.”

En Caul

An en caul birth or “veiled birth” happens rarely occurring in 1 out of every 80,000 births. This haunting image allows many of us a chance to see a sight we’d otherwise never see.


These little hands and feet are your dose of happiness for today. This dramatic black and white photo is a revelation.

Safe in Mom’s Arms

There’s nothing like this moment.

Tears of Joy

That first skin-to-skin touch is such a powerful moment that many emotions come flooding forth. There’s nothing else like this embrace.

A Miracle

The photographer who shared this image provided the following caption: “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”


Moms not only build a baby, but they also build this amazing, temporary organ that provides oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

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What an arresting image from an immersion birth.

True Bliss

The photographer who snapped this image explained what the mom said immediately after it was taken. “I did it! I just did that!”


The instant anxiety melts away, images like this one can be found. The expression on this mother’s face says it all.

First Snuggles

The very first snuggles contain cosmic energy unlike all else. Bonding with a newborn is the greatest thing on earth.


“Birth is ALWAYS magical,” the person who shared this image wrote. “There’s something really special about being present when it’s one of your best friends and witnessing their strength, love and power.”


This tiny, bundle of joy is right where he belongs. What a beautiful memory that these parents will revisit time and time again.

Say ‘Hello’

“This picture is literally one of the most raw moments I have as a mother,” the person who shared it wrote. “The 7 years waiting to get pregnant, the worries that I have the whole 9 months because of previous losses, the excitement I felt getting closer to meet my baby, the pain I had to endure to have my baby with no pain medication, all I had was husband’s hand to help me through it, and all that lead to this moment when I found out I gave birth to a daughter, a GIRL!”


This beautiful babu is safe in dad’s arms. Capturing this image of a dad at birth was smart. What a treasure.

En Caul II

Most doctors will choose to go through the amniotic sac during cesarean delivery. However, some will remove the entire sac with the baby inside. What a thrilling sight to behold.


Tears of joy are not required, but they often happen.

Tiny Feet

What a peaceful and serene photo from a water birth. This baby is still in position.

Happy Dad

This new dad’s smile says it all.

All Hands

Catching a baby is a team effort. It’s all hands on deck in this beautiful black and white image.


The photographer who shared this image explained that this was the mom’s first latch. What a prized memory to hold onto forever.

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The Moment

“There’s a power source within each and every one of us,” the photographer wrote. “Birth gives us the opportunity to tap into that source. To get glimmers into what we are capable of, not only in birth but in life. I will never not be in awe of the power that is birth.”

There you go! 25 birth images that surely made you feel all the feels.

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