25 Beyoncé Tattoos That Prove Fans Are Crazy in Love

Queen Bey, Queen B, Yoncé, Beyoncé. Fans worship the superstar for her bold artistry and outspoken activism. She’s a generation’s most celebrated singer so it should come as no surprise that many, very dedicated fans have gone to the tattoo shop and gotten tattoos inspired by her likeness, lyrics, and even autograph.

Beyoncé’s contributions to pop-culture are incalculable at this point. She’s the type of figure whose influence will take decades to fully understand. But, members of the Beyhive already know. They’ve been very vocal about their love of the star and how impactful her music and artistry is for them. Beyoncé inspires tattoos that slay all day no matter what. We decided to take a deep dive into the world Beyoncé fan tattoos. So get in “Formation” and take a look at some “Irreplaceable” ink for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be “Sorry” and you’ll positively be a little “Jealous.” 


Homecoming is a concert film unlike any other. Beyoncé’s performance is documented at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the film that’s written, directed, and executive produced by Beyoncé herself. Part of the concept behind the tour is costuming and imagery that escalate Bey to the queen she is. This remarkable tattoo takes the theme and runs with it by combining the prized Nefertiti Bust with the likeness of Queen Bey. Fantastic!

Jay & Bey

Name a more powerful couple. Jay-Z and Queen Bey married back in 2008 and cemented their place as the most powerful celebrity couple in entertainment. This stunning black and grey tattoo of them is almost photorealistic.

“Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Wow. Another winner here that looks so lifelike. Portrait tattoos are tricky, but the artist managed to pull this one off well.

Beta Delta Kappa

Another highlight from Bey’s Coachella performance, the yellow sweatshirt she wore with the Greek letters “ΒΔΚ” is lovingly tattooed here. We love how the sharpness of the top of the tattoo seems to fade as the eye moves lower. Stunning.


We find another moving tattoo portrait here of Beyoncé. The shading and linework are so delicate with Bey’s hair seeming to float like smoke. Wow!


Empowerment, pride, and heritage are the themes of “Formation.” The song’s musical impact is visually translated into the imagery found in this tattoo of Queen Bey performing in the music video for the lead single. This meticulous tattoo is a wonder.

“Check My Credentials”

Another tattoo inspired by the iconic music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” the simple line tattoo done only in black ink makes a statement.

“I Been On”

This is one of the best Bey tattoos on the list. The gorgeous shading here is aided by the application of white ink to give highlight. At the periphery of the tattoo, you’ll see hatch marks that give this design the character of a sketch tattoo.

Queen Bee

A crown and a bee, when combined, symbolize her majesty, Queen B. This very sharp and neat tattoo is an understated way to pay homage to this person’s favorite artist. Well done!


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This very imaginative design turns lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Freedom” into the perfect visual. Here we have an umbrella emblazoned with a bee for Bey shielding the rain. Remarkable!

The artist behind the ornate, body artwork and designs in the Lemonade video is Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based Laolu Senbanjo, who goes by Laolu. This tattoo of Bey wearing Laolu’s designs is art on top of art. Gorgeous!

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Wow. This dreamy tattoo imagines Queen B from her 2013, Mrs. Carter Show Tour. We love how the design fades away at its edges. Fabulous!


This bold design features candy-colored inks that add a pastel flare to this tattoo. There’s nothing subtle about this tattoo and we like that the artist took some risks. It’s unlike any other tattoo on the list.

Sign Me Up

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For fans, a way to pay tribute is to go with the time-tested autograph tattoo. Having a tattoo artist replicate Bey’s signature is not the most original idea, but it is a way to prove your superfan bona fides.

Queen Doll

This babydoll design imagines Queen B from Lemonade. One of the most unique tattoos on the list, this very cute tattoo puts a spin on the genre.

A Portrait of the Queen

This very big, half sleeve portrait tattoo of Beyoncé is breathtaking. It’s extremely realistic and looks uncannily like our fave.

She’s a Survivor

This traditional style of tattoo imagines Bey as a fighter, ready to sting like Queen Bee. This very unique design is probably the only tattoo on this list that harkens back to the days of Destiney’s Child.


Wow, this dramatic tattoo captures so much of B’s talents as a performer. Framed by a dark oval, Bey’s costume really shines bright here.

Drunk in Love

Bye! Combining imagery inspired by “Sorry” and “Drunk in Love,” this boy bye tattoo is delightful.


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Beyoncé looks stunning here, in her Grammy’s crown. This very detailed and delicate tattoo is a masterpiece.

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“If you’re a strong female, you don’t need permission,” the person captioned this image of their new tattoo. We love the creative design and the inclusion of the cute dots for depth.

So Much Lemonade

It’s clear that Lemonade really tastes sweet for the BeyHive. We found so many excellent tattoo designs that incorporate lemons or lemonade.


Ahead of the Formation World Tour, Queen B released a black and white promo with an image of her with a flower in her mouth. This portrait tattoo dutifully recreates it and looks stunning.

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Put the Middle Fingers Up

25 Beyonce Tattoos That Prove Fans Are Crazy in Love
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She told us. This incredible and combines the lyrics and realness of Bey with old-school hand tattoo design.


As a Beyoncé fan, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when deciding on a tattoo design. You can simply go for a classic and get her name in a heart. This very sweet tattoo includes a bee to give it more character. We love it.

There you go! 25 Beyoncé fan tattoos that range from low-key to full-on portraits. We hope you enjoyed this list and are inspired to get some ink in honor of Queen Bey.

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