25 bizarre and unconventional body piercings that sting extreme

25 Bizarre and Unconventional Body Piercings That Sting Extreme

It turns out you can get more than your ears pierced! Of course, you knew that but there’s an entire body modification community dedicated to pushing the limits of what decorating the body look like. Over the last several decades, piercers have gotten bold with their abilities and have achieved peak bizarre.

We decided to take a look at some unconventional body piercings that you might not have even known were possible. These body modifications go beyond traditional piecing techniques and utilize everything from microdermal implants and even embedding jewelry into teeth. We thought we knew everything there was to know about piercings but we were sorely mistaken. Take a poke around these 25 bizarre piercings and be sure to take inspiration from them if you’re into that sort of thing.

Triple Tongue

Let’s start modestly and begin this list with a good tongue piercing. Here we have a triple piercing known as “snake eyes.” Ouch.

Body on the Line

Microdermal piercing or dermal implanting involves making a single point perforation in the sub-dermal skin layer of the body and embedding a piece, or in this case, multiple pieces of jewelry. The neck is a popular location for this style of body mod.

Ear, Just Kidding

You didn’t think we’d show you a pierced ear, did you? Oh no, we’ve got another neck piercing. This time it’s below the ear. We feel that a dangly earring would have given the same effect, but what do we know?

Nape of the Neck

If you never want to see your subdermal piercing, put it on the back of your head. Why not?

X Marks the Spot

Why stop at two studs when you can have ten? This X-shaped design is neatly done and illustrates the creativity people have for their piercing schemes.

Down the Neck

You can get multiple size microdermal implants which just means the visible studs are different sizes. These piercings give a cascading effect down the neck.

The Bridge

If you thought plucking between your brows was a pain, take a look at this. We’ve got a bridge piercing here through the loose flesh between the eyes. This looks very cool but we imagine it didn’t feel that way.

Smiley Piercing

The smiley piercing or frenulum piercing pierces the flap of tissue that connects the inside of your upper lip with your upper gum. It sounds grosser than it looks. We find it rather cute?


If you weren’t born with dimples, no worries! You can pierce them right into your cheeks. Piercing the face isn’t going to be for everyone, but this is probably one of the more adorable examples.

Philtrum or Medusa

A medusa piercing is a philtrum piercing that pokes through the upper lip. After a dermal piercing, it’s rumored to be one of the most painful spots to get pierced.

Philtrum Part 2

If your medusa piercing doesn’t pop enough, consider getting a lip ring directly below it for this effect. That’s a lot of metal right on the mouth.

Flashy Wrist

Subdermal piercings can go just about anywhere and this piercing on top of a black tattoo really sparkles. If there’s a part of your body that needs a little bling, chances are you can get it bedazzled.

Cheeky Cheekbone

If you’d like to look like you’re crying for the rest of your life, consider the modest cheek piercing. Prepared for your long hair to get caught around this style piercing 1,000 times a day. It is a cute little dagger though.


This lace piercing is a rather extreme example. We wonder if you can even sleep on your back while it heals.


Here we find spiked studs lining either side of the spine. Do you know how we mentioned that subdermal piercings were the most painful? These last two folks must have nerves of steel.

Ankle Bite

Have you ever wanted to deck out your ankle? Your local body mod expert can help you out with that!

Back Dimples

Move over lower back tattoos, there’s a new body decoration in town. These back dimple piercings are not as intimidating as some of the other back piercings on this list.

Hip Hip Hooray

Do you consider yourself a hip individual? You can always get your hip pierced to prove the point.

More Hip

Why not go all out? Go ahead and get your entire abdomen pierced as this person has done. Waistbands be damned.

Magical Clavicle

Here we find a pair of matching microdermal clavicle piercings that dazzle. These collar bone piercings are a rather new innovation and they’re trending at the moment.


Kiss your punching days goodbye after getting these knuckle piercings. This hurts to look at.


Here we find a veritable pincushion, a piercing fanatic. The forehead piercings are beautiful but they’re not going to be for everyone.

Stellar Sternum

Sternum piercings are done just above the breastbone. These wildly popular piercings take up to three months to heal. So, be prepared for some soreness right in the middle of the chest.

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Dental piercings are a trendy fad that’s taken off over the past couple decades. They’re technically not piercings and instead are jewelry that’s embedded into the teeth. Compared to most other body modification procedures on this list, they’re relatively painless.


Well. We thought we knew but we were so, so wrong. Yes, people get their eyelids pierced. However, this piercing comes with a laundry list of possible complications, mainly infection. This seems like a tragedy in the making, but please people, do you.

There you go! 25 bizarre piercings that actually exist in this world. Are you ready to go under the needle?

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