25 Cute Cat Tattoos, Introducing the ‘Cattoo’

Let the world know you’re the cat lady you’ve always wanted to be with an adorable cat tattoo! Even though they don’t care what you think, cats are the literal greatest. Their elegance, style, nonchalance, whiskers, and cute ears are just a few of the many attributes we love about our feline friends. It’s only natural that cat love leads to lovely cat tattoos. They come in many shapes and sizes (just like our pets) and range from touching to downright funny.

If you love the purrs and gentle head nudges our beloved buddies emote, you will adore the humble cat tattoo and might even consider getting one for yourself! Cat tattoo ideas can come from left field, it’s fine to be creative and think beyond the portrait. But, please, by all means, get a portrait tattoo of your cat. We decided to take a look at what the kids are doing these days with their cat tats and they did not disappoint! Here are 25 creative cat tattoos that we absolutely would give one of our nine lives to have.

25. The Floral Feline

Ah. What a calming kitty portrait flanked by gorgeous flowers. Take a look at the detailed linework here and how it feathers out. We love this cat’s emerald eyes.

24. Professor McGonagall

Where the Harry Potter fans at? Here we have the bewitching Professor McGonagall transformed into a cat. We’re all about it.

23. Cosmic Cat

Wow! This is one busy watercolor tattoo! The person who shared this image also included a picture of their cat and the likeness is uncanny! There’s a lot to unpack here, but the planetary moonlike shapes are a standout.

22. Aristocats

We love a Disney-inspired tattoo and this Aristocats tat doesn’t disappoint. This incredible fine line tattoo is sharp, crisp, and clean. You can’t beat it!

21. Playful

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This unique and delicate tattoo comes from our friends in South Korea who are doing the most with tattoos right now. The design captures a playful scene of a cat enjoying its time with some flowers. Adorable!

20. Diamonds Are Forever

This striking cat portrait is a masterclass in contrast. The gently curved lines employed to create the fur meet the stark straight edge of the diamond shape that contains them. The golden-orange eyes pop because of the azure background. Nicely done!

19. Portrait

This short-nosed cat fondly reminds us of the late Lil Bub. RIP Lil Bub! This handsome orange creature’s eyes seem to peer right through you! A loving portrait of a beautiful cat.

18. They Know All

If you’ve ever felt like your pet cat can read your mind, it’s because cats can totally do that. This minimalist tattoo of a cat with a third eye has a symbolic resonance that we absolutely cherish.

17. Watercolor Cat

Look at the colors splashed across this kitten tattoo. Magic! Watercolor tattoos are great designs because they allow artists to inject a ton of creativity and movement into a tattoo.

16. Feline Friends

Three little cat faces in a row! These little cats look so alive and the person with them included the cat’s names in the post. Meet Flowers, Tofu, and Samsoon. *swoon*

15. Snuggles

Isn’t this one of the sweetest tattoos you’ve ever seen? This is a stick and poke tattoo of a sleepy little fella. We love this precious, simple design.

14. Ruby the Cat

Have you heard of sketch tattoos yet? It’s a trend of tattoo design that includes sketch lines like you’d find on an animator’s draft. This is a portrait of a cat named Ruby, a fine name for a handsome gal.

13. Queen Cat

Meet Neko, a beautiful cat from France who inspired this colorful tat. The moon shape placed on her forehead and the rainbow eyes make this feline look like a diety.

12. Odie the Cat

This very large tattoo of a very cute cat named Odie is a winner! The floral imprints and that cat’s demeanor are all spot-on and expertly executed.

11. Cat in a Cup

This adorable cartoon kittie finds itself gripped to the side of a teacup! We’re not sure why the planets are orbiting or where the cat found such a large vessel but we’ll take it.

10. 2 Cats, 1 Cup

Here’s another moving image of some cats in a cup. The person who shared it explained, “love cats and love tea!” Well, okay then! Cat tea! How do you like your cats steeped?

9. Sphynx

Hairless cats or Sphynx are controversial, but we tend to find their old-man appearance rather endearing. This tattoo design does good work with a tricky subject.

8. Hungry Cat

This mischievous little cat has found some treats and by the look of it, really enjoying them. We love the dot work background here and of course, this cat’s winning expression.

7. Geometric Cat

Geometric designs are a way to elevate a subject as proven by this charming, wiry design. We love the intricate linework and the movement those lines give the tat.

6. Cats Rule

We’re all subjects living in a cat’s world. This absolutely stunning design gives the cat a witchy makeover complete with puppet strings and cosmic bodies. Bow down.

5. That Face

This modest, yet effective photorealistic tattoo really leaps off the skin and grabs your attention. The reflection in this cat’s eyes is almost too much! Look at how fine those long whiskers are!

4. Oh, Hi!

This playful tattoo comes from Japan and has tons of charm from the little paw near the face to the red, ruffled collar. We’d love to meet this cat.

3. Eyes Without a Face

Who knew a pair of floating cat eyes could be so haunting? This majestic design is very simple but the eyes and the button nose let you know exactly what you’re looking at with very little context. Fascinating!

2. Surprise!

Where can we find this very shocked cat? How does it capture the expression of opening up your work inbox in the morning? We love this micro tattoo and all of its charm.

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1. Pilot Cat

We all have hopes and dreams for our pet-children and this cat in a hat is an enviable one. If you’ve ever had the joy of seeing your cat sail through the air, you know a cat’s propensity for flight. This adorable, playful tattoo is just the best.

There you go! 25 cute cat tattoos that are definitely the cat’s meow!

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