25 Darling Dog Tattoos That Will Give You Paws

Do you cherish your very good boy or girl? Not your flesh-and-blood children, but you’re furry ones. You know, the four-legged pals that love you unconditionally? Of course, you do! Have you ever considered getting a pet tattoo of your beloved dog? If so, we’ve got some dog tattoo ideas that will take your puppy portrait to new heights! Our dogs are part of the family so it’s only natural to express your undying devotion to your dog through the art of tattoos.

If you adore snuggles and kisses from your fur-baby, go ahead and get a tattoo that depicts some of his or her best attributes. It could be those floppy ears or a cute button nose. The toy that they beg for the most and passive-aggressively squeak at you until you submit to their wishes. Whatever you love most about your pet, be sure to incorporate it into the tattoo design so that you paint the best picture possible of your puppy. We decided to take a look at people’s fresh ink to see what sorts of pet portraits and tattoos they’re getting these days. They did not disappoint! Here are 25 darling dog tattoos that you should totally consider for your own tat.

25. Watercolor Puppers

Wow! This watercolor tattoo is complete with little sparkles surrounding this fur baby. We love the aqua blue color chosen for the background and the shapes the artist has included in the dog’s fur.

24. Sheep Dog

Oh! How precious! Do you really want a Lassie dog now? Take a closer look at this photorealistic tattoo and you’ll see tons of tiny dots that give the fur its texture. Masterful!

23. The King

Woah! We’ve got another watercolor tattoo on our paws here. This stylized tat is complete with a Basquiat-esque crown and plenty of vibrant colors. Get creative folks and go all in!

22. The Sailor

Is this the cutest dog to ever sail the seas? Probably! This traditional tattoo comes with a clamshell that opens up to frame this little furball. We love the little sailor hat! How cute!

21. The Cutie

Feast your eyes on Minky, the dog. This very delicate, magical tattoo looks like it’s floating on air. The fur is so beautifully done and the eyes are breathtaking. What a precious pup and well-done tattoo.

20. Meet Holly, the Dog

We’re in love with Holly the collie. This rather large tattoo is nearly a half sleeve. We love the greens and reds that surround this tattoo and give it so much life.

19. Picture Perfect Pincher

This little guy looks like someone’s pride and joy. This expertly done tattoo looks just like a photograph and the oval shape the artist has included gives it timeless appeal.

18. Hello Gorgeous

Sometimes the simplest things in life are best. This very modest, yet effective tattoo is brilliant and we love that little pink tongue peeking out.

17. Teddy Bear

You guys! Is this the cutest tattoo that’s ever been tattooed? 100%! If this tattoo were on your shoulder, would you honestly look at anything else in the mirror?

16. Meet Louis, the Dog

Meet little Louis and his cute green and yellow harness. This precious micro tattoo looks so life-like and full of energy. We definitely must meet its subject.

15. That Tongue

What is happening? How does this tongue look so wet? Is this the 8th wonder of the world? This stunning photorealistic tattoo perfectly captures this dog’s handsome face, stained teeth, and all. Take a look at those warm, reflective eyes.

14. Playful Pups

This person chose the perfect subject matter for their first tattoo. These little puppies playing in a garden are giving us life! LIFE!

13. Minimal Doggo

There’s no right or wrong way to get a dog tattoo as you see. This minimal simple line tattoo is so adorable and those face wrinkles are instantly recognizable.

12. Um. Wow!

This majestic creation comes from Russia and the artist included this caption, in English: “Shiba the great traveler.” We would like to take the journey! This is such a fun, charismatic tattoo.

11. Pair of Pups

Just a couple of a pup faces to brighten your day. This pair of micro tattoos is so, so good. There’s so much detail and expressiveness in such a small amount of real estate.

10. Smoosh Face

This tattoo is wild! This dog portrait is slightly uncanny in that it looks realistic but also slightly off! We’re into it overall, but

9. Meet Choco, the Dog

You don’t have to get a hyper photorealistic tattoo like the last one we just saw. You can always go the minimalist route as this person has done. This is a tattoo of Choco, the dog and we love its simplicity.

8. The Investigator

How is this dog a better dresser than most people? This furry friend looks like a little Victorian detective and we’re here for it. Do we care why? No. We imagine he has a keen sense of smell and unflappable intuition. What a great tattoo!

7. Pup in a Cup?

We’ve heard of “teacup” breeds before but this dog in a goblet is a mystery. The tattooer who shared it included this caption: “The ol’ pup in a cup trick.” What old trick are they referring to? We do not possess this common knowledge nor understand this design. However, we do like their style.

6. Rainbow Mong

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This South Korean tattoo is everything! The person who shared the image included the caption: “Mong! Mong!” Which we assume refers to Mongolian dog breeds which are so charming, although this dog looks more like a corgi to us. Whatever the case may be, rainbow-colored dogs are a hit!

5. They Get in Your Heart

The tattoo artist who shared this image explained that this is the first tattoo for a person in their 70s. Could you think of a better excuse to get a tattoo at that age than a beloved dog? Look at those little paws!

4. We’d Like to Pet Your Tattoo

This incredible tattoo of a dog’s face comes from Hong Kong. We’re traveling the world by way of dog tattoos folks! Look at all the tiny dots and fine lines the artist has used to make this dog seem both incredibly life-like but also ethereal.

3. Floral & Furry

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Just stop with this cuteness! This amazing tattoo is reminiscent of embroidery and fine stitching. We love this little dog with flowers on its head.

2. Put That in Your Pipe

This is not a groundbreaking tattoo by any stretch but the design elements are so weird that we had to share it with you. This bulldog looks like its seen some things and we respect that.

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1. Bites on the Brain

This vibrant tattoo appears to be a Yorkie with treats on the brain, which we feel. We love the bright colors the artist has chosen to bring this cute, little guy to life. What an adorable tattoo!

There you go! 25 tattoos of dogs in varying styles and sizes. If you’re looking for tattoo ideas, we hope you feel inspired by these phenomenal examples of what a pet portrait tattoo can look like.

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