25 disney inspired tattoos that bring the magic

25 Disney Inspired Tattoos that Bring the Magic

Diehard Disney fans watch all the movies, plan multiple pilgrimages to the parks, and absolutely love Disney tattoos. After all, there’s no better way to show your dedication to an animated classic than to pick a scene or character and have it put on your body for the rest of your life. While these tattoos are not going to be for everyone, most folks have no shame about their obsession with Disney films.

From Aladdin to Zootopia there’s no shortage of Disney inspiration for a tattoo. For many people, the happiest place on Earth is a Disney theme park. Throw into the mix the attractions at Disney like The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain and there’s even more to consider. We decided to round up some of the very best Disney tattoos and choose the fairest of them all. Here are 25 Disney-inspired tattoos that will make you nostalgic for the movies that made us.

25. The Poisoned Apple

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first film released in 1937. Ms. White receives a poison apple from the wicked queen and is awoken by a prince’s kiss. This incredible neotraditional tattoo imagines the apple in a familiar style.

24. Classic Characters

The anthropomorphic mouse you know and love, Mickey was created in 1928. Over his last 100 years, he’s continued to bring joy to children and families. This fun tattoo recreates a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. We love how flat and 2-D the artist has made the design.

23. True to Your Heart

A truly gorgeous tattoo of Milan comes from a fan in France. The dots used for shading are a wonderful, subtle touch. Most Disney fanatics opt for color tattoos, so this black and grey design is a unique choice.

22. Fortune Favors the Brave

This gorgeous tattoo of Merida with her trusted steed, Angus has a touch of watercolor flair and charm aplenty. We love the vibrant, warm tones chosen for the hair paired with the cool blues and purples given to Angus.

21. A Watercolor Stitch

Another watercolor tattoo, this one of Stitch is bursting with color and energy. If you look closely around the perimeter of the tattoo, you’ll find tiny shapes like stars and circles.

20. A Bubbly Chip

If you go digging through the Disney tattoo hashtags on Instagram, you’ll find a ton of tattoos inspired by Beauty and the Beast. This simple, yet handsome tattoo of Chip blowing bubbles is a fine example.

19. Keep ’em Guessing

This big tattoo of a little dragon named Mushu from Milan certainly causes joy. Eddie Murphy gave this character so much heart and humor when he voiced Mushu in 1998. We love the blue, smokey whisps incorporated into the design.

18. Yzma’s Groove

Wow! These before and after images of a portrait of Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove are stunning. Purple and gold are always a winning color combination. One look at this tattoo and you’ll immediately hear Eartha Kitt‘s voice.

17. Howdy, Partner

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Sheriff Woody Pride warmed many children’s hearts when Toy Story was released in 1995. Yes, it’s been 25 years! This amazing tattoo design focuses on Woody’s face and like a photograph, blurs the background. What an achievement.

16. Bella Notte

“Oh, this is the night, it’s a beautiful night…” Are you craving spaghetti and meatballs? This tattoo of Lady and the Tramp benefits from smartly applied color and a blue, geometric background.

15. Haunting

This rather creepy design was inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. It’s definitely giving us Edward Gorey vibes and we’re here for that. It’s a good reminder that sometimes simple, black ink is the most effective choice.

14. Stunning Merida

Um. This portrait of Merida from Brave looks like it was ripped directly from the movie. A highly skilled tattoo artist with a specialty in photorealistic tattoos is to thank for this breathtaking tattoo.

13. Bouncey and Fun

Wasn’t Tigger from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh everyone’s childhood fave? We suppose he’s still this adult’s favorite as he’s been turned into a tattoo. Disney fans are really into watercolor tattoos and we can’t blame them for it.

12. A Cub Who Would be King

Many artists and animators use basic shapes or “base shapes” to help them make characters appear more dimensional. A lot of Disney fans have these shapes incorporated into tattoo designs to show their appreciation for the art of animation. The inclusion of the shapes in this particular tattoo of Simba looks excellent.

11. Before She Ate that Apple

Again, you’ll see base shapes in this design of Snow White with her animal buddies. This candy-colored tattoo is beaming with energy.

10. Tale as Old as Time

The stained glass images from Beauty and the Beast have become iconic. This large upper arm tattoo looks just like a pane of glass.

9. Mickey Pizza

What!? How does one even ask a tattoo artist for this? “Yes, I’d like a tattoo of a slice of pizza, but instead of round pepperoni topping it, I’d like the meat to be shaped like Mickey Mouse.” In this person’s defense, you can get a lot of foods shaped like Mickey Mouse at Disney parks. At Shanghai Disney, there’s a restaurant in Pinnochio Village that offer pizza in the shape, but not cured meat.

8. Can’t Get Enough Chip

This tattoo really blows… bubbles. We showed you a black ink Chip earlier, but we had to share this colorful design of him with you. Ms. Potts would be so proud.

7. A Grump

Everyone’s favorite character from Snow White, Grumpy is off to work in this tattoo. Notice the hand tatt on his left hand. For moody Disney fans, you couldn’t pick a better character.

6. We’ve All Been There

How many “Minnie Meltdown’s” have you already had today? This very cute and humorous tattoo of Minnie with a broken heart is one of the more creative Disney inspired tattoos on the list. Can we get this lady a slice of that pizza?

5. One Cute Dumbo

“The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up!” Timothy Mouse assures Dumbo. This very cute tattoo of a flying elephant is what we all need in our lives. The design is expertly shaded, giving Dumbo a smooth look and his rabbit, a textured, cloth-like appearance.  

4. This Cat’s Grin

We mentioned that people really love Beauty and the Beast tattoos, but we failed to write that the love for BATB is eclipsed by Alice in Wonderland. People truly love this bonkers movie and so many tattoos are inspired by it. This tattoo of the Cheshire cat is one of the best we came across.

3. Paint with All the Colors of the Wind

This gorgeous portrait of Pocahontas mimics the stylish animation of the film. Pocahontas was voiced by Irene Bedard and her performance left a lasting impression on many children. In 2012, Bedard co-founded a production company called Sleeping Lady Films Waking Giants Productions a “Native American film/television production company dedicated to bringing positive, inspirational stories from Indian Country to the world.”

2. Belle of the Ball

Not everyone wants an in-your-face tattoo, in fact, some people prefer no face at all. This stunning micro tattoo of Belle from Beauty and the Beast is instantly recognizable thanks to the blue bow and the red rose. According to the person who shared this image, this is a hand-poked design, which makes sense because the details are so fine.

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1. Princess Tiana

In 2009, Disney finally showcased its first Black Disney Princess, Tiana. This gorgeous tattoo of her surrounded by water lilies is a gorgeous touch. We love the vibrant colors and subtle lines that give this design so much movement.

There you go! 25 incredible Disney tattoos that are nostalgic and magical in all the right ways. If your tempted, these creative tattoo designs should inspire you to get your favorite Disney character tattooed. Look how wonderful these turned out!

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