25 Irresistible Ear Piercing Combinations for Constellation Piercings

For most, pierced ears was a choice made for us or one that was made later in youth and involved a nervous trip to the mall. Now, people are upping the game and getting their ears pierced in dramatic fashion. A trend of late involves multiple ear piercings with curated jewelry with each piece complementing the other. It’s been dubbed constellation piercing and involves multiple piercing from the lobe to the helix. Curated ears mix and match arrangements, jewelry, and styles to turn ears into a work of art.

Much like tattoos, getting it done by a professional is essential. It will ensure that your aesthetic is artistically created, and done in a way that will heal correctly. Yes, you want that ear gallery looking right! We did some digging and found some excellent examples of constellation piercings with some of the cutest jewelry. And, as you might have suspected, we have even found some examples of piercing designs that incorporate the shape of actual constellations! Here are our favorite curated constellation piercings to inspire your next trip to the piercer.

Moon and Stars

Feel free to take the brief literally! This person has some gorgeous gold and stone jewels to outfit her ear. With star and moon shapes, it’s spot on.


Creating balance with a constellation piercing scheme is the name of the game. Here, we find a perfectly balanced constellation that sparkles with diamonds.


Wow! These galactic studs sure make a mesmerizing impression. We love all the colors these stones pull from the light. While not the most elaborate scheme on the list, this understated constellation is gorgeous.

For the Pisces

Here we find a set of piercings for a proud Pisces. Diamond studs are always in demand because, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


Just like tattoos, piercings are forms of self-expression that allow you to really put your sense of style on display. This simple piercing scheme up the ear is jazzed up by some truly remarkable pieces of jewelry.


Moonstone is such an underrated stone that we’re happy to see making a comeback. Beautifully displayed in this Daith piercing, we’re feeling these lunar vibes.

Lobe Stacker

Stack that lobe! Here, we find a lobe stacker piercing which lends a great decorative effect. The piercer who shared this image explains that the end goal for this ear is piercings that form the shape of Scorpio.


Are we going to let studs have all the fun? No! Absolutely not! These three rings are a shining example of a classic piercing scheme that absolutely shimmer in 14k gold.

Double Cartilage

Talk about a curated look! Here we find a beautifully decked out ear in all gold jewelry. The drooping chain from the rook to the tragus has us completely charmed.


Go ahead and get weird with it! This constellation piercing scheme is an absolute blast that seems super moody with blue and cool-toned jewels and metals.


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♍???? ???? X @thepiercerkevan

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This cool piercing comes with a helpful diagram to help you make sense of it! The ear is pierced in the shape of Virgo. As far as Virgo piercings go, color us impressed because you could do no better.

No Space

This outer space curated constellation piercing look is busy with stars, planets, moons, lightning, and even a UFO. If you really want to stick to a theme, this is how it’s done.

Studs or Hoops?

Why choose one when you can have them all? This glamorous is decked out in dazzling yet understated jewelry that strikes a perfect balance.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper diamonds are such a prize and make for perfect jewelry stones. On display here in the lobe, we’re absolutely envious of this diamond stud.


If you’re looking for supreme razzle-dazzle, you’ve found it here with this totally blinged-out ear piercing. It’s totally fine to have your ear dripping in diamonds if you can swing it.


Express yourself! The industrial really helps balance out the busy, multiple piercings on the lobe and tragus.


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Constellation alert! The sign you love to hate, Scorpio inspired the piercing on this ear. It’s rather dark and twisty, right?

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When in doubt, always go with tons of color. These gorgeous multicolored rings prove that it’s always a winning choice.


It’s totally fine to go with dainty, cute jewelry. No one will question your toughness because, after all, you’ve got stabbed eight times to pull it off.


Rock that amethyst! We love this drip jewelry that gives the ear so much interest with very little effort.

Pin It

This person has nearly matching ear piercing but, clearly loves the mock safety pin rings in rose gold. We’re absolutely into it.

Ear Candy

Gold, diamonds, opals, sign us up! These thrilling piercings are showcased by some truly remarkable jewelry that we’re absolutely gaga over.


Take a look at this humbly stacked ear. We love this mix and match beauty.


For a sign that’s light as air, Aries has a constellation to match. Pull this astrology-inspired piercing off with just a couple of new additions to the ear.

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When in doubt, deck your ear out in diamonds. There’s a reason it’s been one of the most sought-after stones. Shimmering, bright, and clean this look is definitely a classic.

There you go! 25 constellation piercings for stacked ears that can be as finely tuned or casual as you like. Express your inner self with these exceptionally inspiring curated ear looks.

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