25 half sleeve tattoos

25 Cool Half Sleeve Tattoos That Prove You Don’t Know the Half of It

A tattoo sleeve is simply a tattoo that covers the entire arm. Therefore, a half sleeve is a tattoo for just half of it. It can extend from the shoulder to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist. Don’t let the word “half” make you think these tattoos are a fraction of the fun! These large tattoos take up a lot of space on the arm and can contain tons of detailed work.

Half sleeves are a preferred choice for many people because they can generally be covered up in an office setting. While opinions about tattoos are quickly changing, a full sleeve of ink might still be frowned upon by some employers. In general, half sleeve designs take a lot less time to complete which means they’re less expensive, painful, and time-consuming. If you’re looking for half sleeve tattoo ideas, here are 25 that will delight and inspire.

25. Horror Flowers

Flowers are popular tattoo designs because they’re beautiful and they express a love of nature. This colorful half sleeve extends beyond the elbow slightly, but we’re not going to sweat it. Popular objects from horror movies help bring this design even more personality.

24. A Feathered Friend

The beautiful blue and orange bird is perched inside a lush bouquet. The bluebird looks as if he’s been painted on the upper arm.

23. Star Wars

Star Wars fans, this is how it’s done. This extremely atmospheric tattoo is so realistic and thrilling. Peoon! Peoon!

22. A Colorful Octopus

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts that pump blue blood? That’s a thing. Octopi are amazing creatures and it’s no surprise that they would inspire a tattoo.

21. Branch and Blossoms

These elegant cherry blossoms look as if they’re floating on air. Light and dreamy, this tattoo manages to accentuate the shape of the arm as it curves over the shoulder.

20. Female Empowerment

There’s a lot of great stuff going on in this busy tattoo. There are pretty flowers, multiple mandalas, and even a strong woman, similar to Rosie the Riveter. Tattoos are all about self-expression and the woman with this tattoo had a lot she wanted to get across.

19. A Pretty Puppers

Can we all get pet tattoos, please? This adorable little dog is sitting pretty in a bed of roses. What a wonderful tribute to a furry friend.

18. Sacred Tatau

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This Samoan tattoo is done in a traditional style. The lines are so neat and sharp. This meditative tattoo is a masterpiece.

17. A Blue & Orange Scene

Are bluebirds having a moment? Here’s another gorgeous one that’s surrounded by blossoms. We love the retro-vintage vibe the golden orange flowers give this design.

16. Creepy Time

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Somebody’s got serious beef with the concept of time. This very dark lower half sleeve tattoo is telling a story that we don’t understand. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not very well done. The way the top of the skull turns into a landscape is very unnerving.

15. Mythological Inspiration

This half sleeve, black and grey tattoo is breathtaking. Inspired by Mythology and ancient statuary, this delicate tattoo is a marvel.

14. Warren

The tattoo artist who shared this design wrote that he was inspired by Polynesian tattooing and design. We love the way the abstract portion outlines the name Warren.

13. A Spider & Friends

Yet another half sleeve on the lower arm, this study of nature is captivating. The spider near the wrist is almost too real to enjoy. Eeeek! We’re not sure why the black widow is chilling with a family of raccoons, but okay!

12. Tale as Old as Time

People love a Disney tattoo. This incredible Beauty and the Beast inspired design features the enchanted rose and the animated classic’s stars. What a sweet and romantic nod to a childhood favorite.

11. Virgen de Guadalupe

Virgen de Guadalupe or Our Lady of Guadalupe is the symbol of Mexico. This majestic tattoo of her features a lot of dark ink that makes her appear to be radiating light. Beautifully done.

10. Rawr!

Yes, the person who got this recent tattoo was inspired by Tiger King. The flowers in this design are great, but the real star of the show is that tiger. We love the way the artist has used a feathered technique to give the fur depth.

9. More Big Cat Love

Lions and Tigers… This stoic looking lion, done in black and grey, looks majestic and handsome. The diamond has a sharp shine to it as light refracts from it. A truly incredible tatt.

8. The Truth is Out There

Some people worry about the pandemic while others are worried about an ET invasion. This cinematic tattoo was shared with the caption: “Just your normal alien abduction sleeve.. run of the mill type stuff, nothing out of the ordinary really…”

7. A Superhero Rescue

Take a look at Batman rescuing Batman. This tattoo coverup of an old, ugly, and faded tattoo is a huge improvement. This comic-book-inspired tattoo is how you do it, folks.

6. Eye Spy

This ornamental tattoo is given a boost and touch of whimsy from the eye in its center. Mysterious and magical, this tattoo benefits from bold, clean line-work.

5. Songbirds in Autumn

People must have birds on the brain because we’re seeing a ton of bird tattoos this month. This half sleeve comes from Iceland. The black and grey birds look fantastic in front of the warm orange and brown leaves.

4. A Mother’s Kiss

We’re all about a mother’s love and this gorgeous motherhood tattoo is so precious. We love that the mom in the tattoo has a tattoo herself. Very on-brand. The white ink used to highlight the design is also a great addition.

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3. Cosmic

The Eye of Providence represents inner wisdom and spiritual progress. Here, it’s floating in space among constellations, clouds, and the moon. This gorgeous tattoo has a storybook style that we really love.

2. Irezumi Style

A Hikae tattoo is a traditional Japanese chest panel tattoo that extends from the pectoral to the upper arm. This amazing tattoo is done in that style and contains a tumultuous scene with a snake and tons of action.

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1. Roses are Falling

These roses are popping! Vivid, gorgeous, and full of life this rose tattoo design is everything you could want from a floral tattoo. With a touch of traditional style, these roses hit all the right notes.

There you go! 25 half sleeve tattoos that are exciting and fun without needing to sacrifice an entire arm. We hope you’re inspired by these sleeve tattoo ideas.

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