25 Hand Piercings That Give Ring Finger a Whole New Meaning

Hands are made for rings, right? Hand piercings have taken off over the last several years with many people taking a stab at the trend. From dermal piercings that look like rings to piercings that go through the hand, the body modification community is taking a hands-on approach to these unconventional piercing locations.

If you’re considering getting a piercing on your hand, take a moment and think of the pros and cons. Of course, it’s going to look interesting and unique. However, hands go everywhere and perform tons of tasks in a single day. That means piercings on your fingers are susceptible to infection and, we hate to mention this, but they’re also notoriously easy to get caught on things. This can result in the piercing getting pulled or even ripped out of the skin. Yikes! We just wanted to put that out there because while hand and finger piercings look fantastic there are potential dangers involved. We decided to pick through some recent hand piercings to bring you 25 must-see examples.

Middle Finger

This bar through the loose skin below the knuckle is a popular choice for many considering a finger piercing. It has a similar effect as a conventional ring but has the added bonus of looking extra tough.


Piercing through the webbing of the hand is another popular practice. We’ll show you a couple of examples of this style because there are a variety of rings and bars that work for it.


This gives brass knuckles an entirely new meaning. While this looks totally metal, we don’t know how practical this would be.

On Top of It

Probably the most popular dermal piercing on the hand is located below the thumb and above the wrist. People often get studs that dazzle there.

Count ‘Em

While most people get a bar that runs horizontally beneath a knuckle, this person has chosen to go vertical. We also have a lovely ring through the hand here.

Thumbs Up

Middle fingers and thumbs are some of the most popular fingers for piercing. If you’d like every thumb up to sparkle, this would do the trick.


This image makes us paranoid. We wonder how many times that watch gets bumped into this piercing in a day. Ouch. Wrists are a popular location for a piercing and not coincidentally wristwatches.

Put a Ring On It

Here’s a closer look at a ring through the webbing of the hand. While studs and bars are preferred, the ring in this location is a great option.


This is the same type of piercing as the knuckles we showed you before, but the jewelry is much more extreme. It reminds us of a certain character from X-Men.


We hope this person has a stockpile of antibiotics on the ready because this is an infection waiting to happen. While the webbing between the thumb and index finger is the most popular web for a ring, they can go between each finger.

Naval Bars Are a Thing

Naval bars are long bars with two bulbs or other shapes on either end. They’re one of the most popular style of jewelry for hand piercings.

Two Thumbs Up

These microdermal piercings are in matching locations. There’s a T-shaped pin or base underneath the stone to keep it anchored in the skin.

Bedazzled Tattoo

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People are very fond of adding a little bling to their tattoos with a microdermal piercing. This is a fun example and we’ll be showing you a few more as we move through the list.


As promised, here’s another tattoo with a piercing in it. It’s rather dumb. But, if you want a tongue ring on your hand, this is one way to achieve it.

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A Rare Teardrop

For whatever reason, we don’t see a ton of variety in the jewelry people sport in their hand piercings. We love this jeweled teardrop-shaped subdermal.


If a bow alone is not cute enough, put a stone on it. This very cute micro tattoo bow is jazzed up with this finger piercing.

Between the Bars

Unlike the microdermal piercings, bars do actually go through the skin. We can’t imagine how this feels.


This pair got matching subdermal piercings beneath their thumbs because nothing says “love” like a needle.

Little Diamond

Who needs a diamond ring when you can have a diamond implant? We actually find this piercing to be rather charming.


This is a lot. An industrial piercing, sometimes called a scaffold piercing or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry. While they’re most often found in the ear (like you see above as well) they can also go through your hand.


Just when you thought this fish carcass tattoo couldn’t be helped, a cute little stud perks it right up.


People can’t seem to get just one hand piercing. Here we find a trio that forms a triangle below the thumb.

Bows Part 2

These are subdermal rings that have been outfitted with some lace bows. If you look at this and think it’s cute, you’re probably ready for a hand piercing of your own.

Ummmm Part 2

Here, we have to 3-D implants or “pocketed” implants of two rings. This picture hurts to look at.

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We’re Not Okay

We’re going to need the Wolverine-loving people of this world to chill the hell out. These clawlike piercings are terrifying and more importantly not practical.

There you go! 25 hand tattoos that are too hot handle. If you’re considering a hand tattoo or subdermal implant, remember that they require extra care to keep clean and secure.

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