25 Hilarious Joke Tattoos That Will Make You Laugh Until You Realize It’s Permanent

It’s always amazing to discover the dumb things people get tattooed on their bodies. We respect the “nothing’s permanent” crowd, but tattoos are actually going to be with you for life unless you get them lasered off. Joke tattoos and funny tats have to get old after some time. There are only so many instances of a stranger coming up to someone and explaining their own joke tattoo to them that a person can conceivably handle. So, we caution you, dear reader, about the longevity of a tattoo with a punchline.

Visual gags, puns, and corny phrases are hallmarks of joke tattoos. If you’ve ever seen the classic “sorry mom” tattoo, you’ve already been treated to joke tattoo. These tattoos run the gamut and range from actually witty to downright weird. We invite you to marvel at the depths of human degradation with us as we share 25 ridiculous joke tattoos with you. Here we go!


When the Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their unconventional mascot in 2018, the world changed forever. Gritty has been occupying our collective imagination for years now. This 80s themed Gritty tattoo is silly and wonderful. We can’t believe it exists.

Otter Space

Just a cute little space otter for you. The pun here is, of course, otter space a play on outer space. It’s a genuinely adorable tattoo.

No Regrets

“You gonna regret these tattoos when you get older,” is a common refrain anyone with a grandparent has heard. This wonderful tattoo immortalizes with the aid of an aged SpongeBob SquarePants. What a sight to behold.

‘Fuel’ Cap

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Fuel Cap

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We’ve got a beer-lover who wants you to know about it here. The fuel cap with instructions to “fill up beer here” is simply unfortunate.

Flash Drive

If you’ve ever fantasized about being flashed by a flash drive, live your dream now. This impeccably dumb tattoo is funny, but thank goodness it’s micro-sized.

Strong Opinion

This tattoo turns the old saying “meat is murder” on its head. We’ve got an impaled and dissected pineapple here and an indictment of veganism. What would Alicia Silverstone think of this?

On a Wing

Well, this person has a tattoo of a piece of chicken on them for the rest of their life. Hope it’s worth it to spread some advice about not overthinking situations.


This prickly tattoo wants you to come in for the kill. We’ll skip the displeasure and hug a less violent succulent instead.

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Sorry. Dis-knee is such a stupid tattoo that somehow conjures a laugh every single time. How many times has the man with this tattoo experienced someone else’s “aha!” moment?

Stop It!

Nosey people will indeed try to read the thing you’ve decorated your body with. It comes with the territory.


This person has uncovered a deep conspiracy that involves a certain anthropomorphic M&M and the rapper Eminem. Who knew they were in the same?


This banana is not shy. This fruit is spreading the gospel of naturism to the masses.

Making the Most

A distinct reddish birthmark is known colloquially as a port-wine stain. This woman decided to take it literally and create a scene involving a spilled port from a goblet. People never cease to amaze.


This is troubling for a number of reasons, firstly, daddy-long-legs are the scum of the Earth. Secondly, not going to follow those instructions. Not gonna happen.


“Real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” is a line of pure poetry from one of our time’s greatest minds, Lil Wayne. The line caused controversy but it’s honestly a stroke of genius. Completely unrelated: lasagna is one of the best foods. And, we love food tattoos.

The Mermaid

It is said that sailors who were either drunk or suffering from scurvy would often mistake manatees for mermaids. This Sailor’s Ruin tattoo embraces the modest marine mammal and paints her in a very flattering light.

Knock Knock

Well, you can always get the punchline of one the most annoying jokes of all time tattooed on your body. There’s still time. In this person’s defense, we are glad and this tattoo is neatly done.


The Ramone’s classic “I Wanna be Sedated” is subverted here into a message of harm by breadknife. The dumbest thing about this very foolish tattoo is that the knife in the design is not serrated. Does this person even know what they truly desire?

Extra Cheese

Well, we spared you the “pizza a**” tattoos that many people unfortunately have. However, we managed to bring you a cheesy pizza moment nevertheless. Enjoy.

Read ’em All

Sigh. We have here an actual note on a foot. You can skip this one.

Believe in Yourself

We didn’t know we wanted fairy sushi until this moment. A cute little design with a saccharine message makes this pun endearing.

Born This Way

Some are born to run. Others are born to be wild. Still more yet are born, with party hats attached to their not-fully-formed skulls, to party.

Tell Us How You Really Feel

Candy hearts generally are imprinted with positive messages about love. Not this one. If 2020 were a tattoo, it would look like this.


We recently published a list of coronavirus tattoos that included a great many joke tattoos. Here’s one of our favorites from that series.

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We All Need Support

This person has had a time with it. A failed music career followed by another failed attempt at bodily decorative arts. It’s tough out there and not everyone is destined to be an artist. This darkly funny tattoo is a balm.

There you go! 25 joke tattoos we secretly love. We hope at least one of these made you laugh.

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