25 Inspiring LGBTQIA Pride Tattoos that Prove Rainbows Reign

Gay Pride month is upon us and it’s time to get loud and proud! One way many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual people express their Pride is through tattoos. Art is the perfect vehicle for expressing Pride in one’s identity. Tattoos are also a great way to let others in the community know that they are not alone.

This year is shaping up to be one of the most difficult in a generation. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced the cancellation of many Pride parades and celebrations across the country. Last year in New York City, the community celebrated 50 years since the 1969 Stonewall Riots. This year was supposed to mark the 50th annual pride parade in the city’s history. Alas, Pride is not a parade and it’s not something that can ever be canceled. We encourage you to celebrate pride this year in your own way. Many people are attending virtual parades and celebrations this year. Here’s a look at 25 marvelous Pride tattoos to inspire us to continue pushing forward and celebrate how far we’ve come.

25. Let Your True Colors Show

Nothing says Gay Pride than a rainbow flag. This interesting design reveals all the Pride inside.

24. Snail Magic

This colorful tattoo design is bursting with rainbows and Pride. We love this gay snail and would like him as a pet.

23. This Kiss

This tattoo design reimagines the iconic V-J Day photograph known simply as The Kiss. In this version, we’re treated to two sailors enjoying a smooch.

22. Make Space Gay

Who knew Marvin the Martian was a gay ally? We’ll take it. We’re all for spreading Pride far and wide.

21. A Proud Mama

According to the tattoo artist who shared the image of these matching tattoos, the tattoos were commissioned by a mother and daughter. “How could we not be thrilled to do this tattoo for a mother and daughter who didn’t flinch at the idea of getting a gay pride tattoo for and with her kid!!!” the artist captioned the photo, “More of this in the world please.”

20. Love Bug

This adorable bumble bee sure is buzzworthy. We love this gorgeous, colorful, and creative pride tattoo.

19. Fly that Flag

This photorealistic Pride flag is so, so good! If you want to wear your gay heart on your sleeve, go right ahead!

18. Love Us Some Gayliens

There’s a lot of space lovers in the queer community! This tattoo imagines being beamed up by some gayliens, and honestly, we’re ready for this.

17. Queer to the Core

This Pride tattoo is wild! The vivid rainbow colors make the perfect backdrop to a strand of DNA. This is like a visualization of “Born This Way.”

16. All Queens Welcome

Queer icon, Freddie Mercury looks fantastic in this tattoo design. He will, he will, rock you!

15. Pride of Detroit

Pride of the upper midwest, Detroit sure knows how to show its true colors. This rainbow “D” in honor of the city and of LGBT Pride is a triumph.

14. You Love to See It

This tarot card design is beautifully executed. The card signifies personal growth and acceptance, and we’re here for it.

13. A Point of Pride

This geometric rainbow flower design is stunning. Take a closer look at the shading which is expertly done. What a creative and harmonious Pride tattoo design.

12. Untitled (Love)

Keith Haring’s art vibrates with energy. This fantastic tattoo inspired by his Untitled painting conveys the ecstatic nature we feel when we connect with one another.

11. Pokemon Pride

Eevee was already one of the cutest Pokemon. With a Pride makeover, Eevee is irresistible. We love this inventive and unique design.

10. Proud to Be Me

This deeply personal tattoo speaks to the trans experience in a meaningful way. Top surgery or breast augmentation surgery is a big step in the journey to living authentically. This fine line tattoo is both moving and gorgeous.

9. A Legend

Anne Lister was an English “modern lesbian” who lived life on her own terms. She was born in 1791 and is widely known as a diarist who documented her experience as a pioneering queer woman. She married her partner, Ann Walker in 1831. Her diaries were recently adapted into a miniseries for HBO entitled Gentleman Jack.

8. Let it Flow Freely

This steampunk-inspired heart imagines the heart as a valve for Pride. The amazing splattering effect of the paintlike rainbow is expertly shaded with a shadow that really makes it pop.

7. Face the Vase

This beautiful vase tattoo features two lovers on its face. This bold, romantic tattoo celebrates lesbian love and we’re smitten with it.

6. Wear What You Want

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With a smooth leg going into a boot and a hairy leg going into a stiletto, this design cleverly subverts gender ‘norms.’

5. Trans Power

The Transgender Pride Flag was created by Monica Helms in 1999. She described the symbolism she had in mind when she created it:

“The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional color for baby girls. The stripe in the middle is white, for those who are transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender.”

4. Lego Love

We did not know we needed lesbian legos, but we most certainly do. Shower us in flannel all year long!

3. Werk, Dog

Is this the cutest dog tattoo? Perhaps. This adorable tattoo is fabulous and we absolutely want to meet this puppers in real life.

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2. Divine.

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This amazing tattoo of John Waters’ muse, Divine comes courtesy of Pink Flamingos. One of our most iconic drag queens, Divine embodied punk sensibilities and nonconformity.

1. Prideful Plumage

This watercolor tattoo features a very fine feather that’s splashed in the colors of the rainbow. Feathers are an uplifting symbol of freedom. The spirit of pride is the freedom to be yourself and live as authentically as possible.

We love these expressions of Pride and the creativity and individuality behind each design. Pride is all about celebrating our differences and then accepting them as a community. These 25 LGBT Pride tattoos are brilliant and we hope they inspire you to queer it up.

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