25 Leo Tattoos That Prove the Sign Is the Pride of the Zodiac

The sign Leo is portrayed by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the astral jungle. They are moved to embrace their royal status with animated and dramatic, astrology tattoos. Leos love to shine in the limelight and celebrate themselves. These lions are natural leaders, and they enjoy nurturing friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively driven.

Leo is governed by the great ball of fire that is the core of our cosmos, the sun. Typically, the sun embodies the ego and the potent life force found in humans. In Ancient Greek and Roman times, it was believed that Apollo was the sun god who drove his chariot of flaming horses throughout the Earth during the day time, setting the heavens ablaze with bright light. It’s no wonder that Leo has such intense and ardent life! We decided to take a look at some recent Leo tattoos to see what all our kitty kids are getting inked. Here are 25 purrfect Leo tattoos that prove the sign is the pride of the zodiac.


Because Leo is guided by the sun, sunflowers are popular symbols for this sign of the zodiac. This tattoo imagines Leo as a tarot card. What a stunner!


After looking at hundreds (maybe a thousand) Leo tattoos, one thing is clear: Leos love black ink. We did have some luck find colorful examples, but most of the Leo tattoos in the natural world are characterized by bold, black ink,

Lioness Yess!

This dazzling upper thigh tattoo certainly looks decadent. We love this bedazzled lion design and the pink accents that give it life.


Here, we find another black and grey tattoo with a touch of pink. We love this lion’s emerald green eyes and the geometric shapes that help make the design feel contemporary.


If you’re after a time-tested Leo tattoo, the symbol for the sign is always a winner. Here, we find a small design on the shoulder. It’s just enough Leo pride without going over-the-top.


What is about Leos and flowers? Perhaps floral motifs help soften the strong, ravenous image of the lion. We’re not angry! We love the white ink used here to help make the design pop.

Lion King

Somebody was feeling their Leo pride and went ahead and committed to a half sleeve tattoo of a royal lion. We absolutely love this lion king and its beautiful shading.

Colorful Constellation

Okay, so this isn’t a constellation, but the random organization of shapes gives it a celestial feel. Can you spot the symbol for Leo?

Leo in Season

Leo season is well underway and we’re living for it. This stunning lion tattoo exemplifies everything good about it.


This is one cosmic kitty! This lion had space for breakfast and is crying lightening right now. We love this unconventional design.


Isn’t this lovely? This extremely balanced design features a geometric pattern that’s flanked by two bouquets. It’s a winner!

What’s Your Sign?

A true constellation. While some have danced around it, this person has the Leo cancellation tattoo of your dreams. We love the dotwork technique that forms the silhouette of the mighty lion.

Lucky Charms

Hearts, stars, and rainbows, clovers, and blue moons! Here find a different interpretation of the constellation and it’s utterly charming.


Again, we find another lion tattoo done in black ink. This design is jazzed up with a touch of white ink. There’s so much detail in this design and it does not go unnoticed!

The King

You can get creative with the symbol for Leo as we find here. This person has gotten a little crown-topper which is an excellent touch.

Spine Tingler

This tattoo is done in the sketch style with circles that give the design so much movement. We love the exquisite sunflower at the center and the stylized Leo symbol.


This watercolor tattoo is so dreamy. Half of it is done so the lion appears more contemporary with geometric lions and vibrant red, orange, and yellow inks. The other is black and grey. It’s beautifully balanced.


This dramatic tattoo looks like a sigil or some sort of seal. We could see this design as a luxury brand’s logo. The tattoo proves that you don’t have to go nuts to make a big impact.

We See You

Here, we find a pocket watch and chain that’s been designed in the shape of the Leo symbol. Very cheeky! Aside from being extremely creative, this piece is delicately done. Bravo!

Leader of the Pack

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This absolutely gorgeous lion tattoo is punctuated by pretty purple ink that appears transparent in many parts, revealing the underlying design. We love the abstract shapes at the periphery of this design which make it feel so modern.

Watercolor Woah

Another watercolor tattoo, this one incorporates both the symbol and constellation for Leo. The cosmic colors peppered with twinkling stars in the symbol is breathtaking.

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You Wear It Well

This design reads as a love letter to Leo. We’ve got the crowned cat, the constellation in a sphere of purple, all beautifully tattooed with richly hued inks.

Sun, Moon, Stars

Henna, anyone? This is the first time we’ve featured a henna tattoo, but we loved this design so much we had to toss it in the mix. Would you get this temporary tattoo?

Cool Queen

This gorgeous lion topped with jewels and flowers has a nicer hairdo than we do! We love this very pretty girl.

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Wow the Meow

Wow, just, wow. This amazingly detailed tattoo packs a lot in a small amount of real estate. Here, we find a continuing triangular design filled with glorious astral motifs. Of course, we have the ubiquitous big cat (a Leo won’t let you forget it), but we also find constellations and symbols that help bring the overall tattoo a story.

There you go! 25 Leo tattoos that are just purrfect. We love these designs and this particular sign of the zodiac. It’s currently Leo season so be sure to bring big, bold energy to your tattoo choices over the next coming weeks. It will clearly serve you well.

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