25 Patriotic Tattoos Celebrating USA Love This Independence Day

Americans show their patriotism in a variety of ways. While flying a flag on the 4th of July is rather common, others commemorate their love of country with a patriotic tattoo. These come in many forms including, of course, the American flag. Additionally, veterans who made the biggest sacrifice for the country with their service often get tattoos to express their deep commitment to its ideals. On July 4th, 1776 the thirteen colonies declared independence from England and laid the framework for the American Revolution which lead to the formation of the United States and its government.

The day is usually celebrated with parades, baseball games, backyard barbecues, and picnics. However, this year the holiday will look and feel very different. Most large events have been canceled this year, but that doesn’t mean the holiday is forgotten. We decided to look at some recently procured patriotic tattoos to get in the spirit. There are some very interesting and inspiring designs on this theme and we’re excited to share them with you. Here are 25 patriotic tattoos to celebrate Independence Day this 4th of July.

We the People

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America,” is the opening to the US constitution. The “We the People” part inspires plenty of tattoos like this one here.

Lady Liberty

In addition to the words of the constitution, the Statue of Liberty is a great source of inspiration for many. It’s a symbol of freedom and an openness to immigrants who make this country a better place with each new arrival.

Born in the USA

This rather funny tattoo reimagines those stickers that come with products manufactured in the United States. This person apparently wanted folks to know they’re America-made and got this very fun tattoo to prove it.

New Colossus

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” is part of “The New Colossus” written by Emma Lazarus. It’s a beautiful sentiment we would do well to remember.

Lady Justice

Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems. Her attributes are a blindfold, a balance, and a sword. Here, we see her in a dramatic silhouette.

The Flag

This tattoo design of a worn American flag captures the resilience of its symbolic power. Long may she wave.

Eagles Soar

Here we have another flag but with the addition of a couple of bald eagles, a symbol adopted as an emblem of the US in 1782. Long before the arrival of the colonists, the eagle held great spiritual significance for Native cultures.

An Eagle on the Hand

Here’s a very different take of an eagle done in the American traditional style. Did you know the bald eagle has a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet? They’re majestic and very big birds.

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, previously called the State House Bell or Old State House Bell, is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s the single biggest tourist attraction in Philadelphia. This photorealistic tattoo of the bell is a dead ringer.


The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is the official emblem and insignia of the United States Marine Corps. The number 1371 indicates a Combat Engineer. This tattoo belongs to a veteran marine. Thank you for your service.

Where Eagles Dare

We’ve got another American traditional eagle tattoo, this time across the shoulders and upper back. Traditionally the emblem includes 13 arrows to symbolize the original 13 colonies and an olive branch to symbolize a desire for peace.

Lady Liberty Reimagined

This fun tattoo reimagines the Statue of Liberty and outfits her with a shield. This very large half sleeve tattoo was completed just before deployment for this vet.

Sailor Jerry Flash

The tattoo artist who shared this image included the fact that it’s based on old Sailor Jerry flash. We love the beach scene at its center.

Lot’s of Love for America

Wow! This very large eagle tattoo is complete with roses and a skull in its talons. The color scheme is muted, bringing to mind old school tattoo techniques and sensibilities. What a stunner.

I Heart America

This simple tattoo design conveys a love for the USA. While some of the tattoos on this list are rather ambitious in scope, this modest tattoo gets the job done in a relatively small amount of space.

Colorful Lady Liberty

Here’s another inventive imagining of the Statue of Liberty. We love the inclusion of the flags and the small rose at the statue’s base.

America Personified

This tattoo almost looks like a superhero tattoo with a triumphant lady holding the American flag. This tattoo incorporates a lot of patriotic symbolism in one neat design.

Jessica’s Tribute

This tattoo belongs to a woman named Jessica. She got the tattoo as a tribute to her husband who served 20 years in the US Air Force. A moving tribute and a beautiful tattoo.

American Woman

Another tattoo done in the traditional style, this tat is embellished with the stars and stripes of the American flag. It’s a beautiful design with a thoroughly patriotic feel.

Big Baldie

Another very large tattoo here covering the entire upper back has an angular quality we rather like. This tattoo was gotten by a very patriotic marine.

American Rose

This tattoo imagines the petals of a rose outfitted in the American flag. This unique tattoo has a strange watercolor effect going on. It’s an interesting design.

An American Shield

This simple yet effective tattoo design imagines a shield with stars and stripes draped with a banner with the letters USA on it. It’s done in a traditional style and the addition of a flower is a nice touch.

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An Iconic Image

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V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that captures the victorious spirit of the day. This tattoo recreates the photo to great effect in black and grey.

She Rocks

This rock ‘n’ roll Statue of Liberty imagines Lady Liberty as a rockstar with an oversized electric guitar. This somewhat subversive tattoo reads like a contemporary loving imagining of one of the USA’s most iconic symbols.

People Can’t Get Enough Liberty

Here’s one of our absolute favorites! This American traditional style tattoo imagines Lady Liberty as you’ve never seen her before. Simple shapes and clean lines and shading make this a true standout.

There you go! 25 patriotic tattoos that show a range of creativity and inspiration for the symbols of the USA. Happy Independence Day!

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