25 Inspiring, Heartwarming, and Beautiful Motherhood Tattoos That Will Make You Want Some Fresh Ink

There are many ways to express yourself as a mother and celebrate motherhood. Many moms have portraits taken with their kids while others choose a less traditional form of expression: tattoos.

Mothers getting tattoos to honor their families is a growing trend. Tattoos are a very personal form of self-expression and it only makes sense that moms would want to commemorate their experience with one (or two!). Many of these tattoos are beautiful and carry such symbolic power. Here are our favorite inspiring and heartwarming motherhood tattoos. If you’re looking for motherhood tattoo inspiration, look no further!

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Here’s a portrait tattoo of mom and child.

This sort of tattoo is wildly popular.

There are many stunning variations.

Some are very detailed.

While others are light and minimal.

Others are vibrant and glowing with color.

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For some moms, simplicity is best.

The image of a mom holding her newborn is universal and we all know how that moment feels.

Animals like a lioness and her cub are also gorgeous.

Elephants are also popular because of the way they stick together.

This elephant motherhood tattoo is amazing.

A mother holding her child’s hand is another precious design.

Some mothers get tattoos to obscure their scars from pregnancy.

Other moms choose to accentuate the signs of their pregnancy with tattoos.

It’s all about self-expression.

Don’t ever be afraid to be a unicorn.

Here’s a stunning design that envisions the goddess of motherhood.

The variety of these designs speaks to how differently motherhood is experienced by each mom.

Other moms get their children’s faces tattooed, like this hyperrealistic design.

But faces can be expressed in different ways.

Some moms choose a more symbolic design like this Celtic knot.

Loops in the knots symbolize the number of kids a mom has.

Trees are a symbol of life and a family tree is a common tattoo design.

A child’s original artwork also makes for a great motherhood tattoo.

There’s no wrong way or right way to get a motherhood tattoo. As long as the design feels timeless and true to your experience, you’ll love it.


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