25 Pun Tattoos That Are All Pun and Games

We at Mamas Uncut love a good joke and playful tattoos and punny tats always make us laugh. Joke tattoos are a way of expressing your sense of humor and hopefully, giving anyone who spots it a little giggle. There’s a bit of irony being served every time you see one because you realize it’s a silly design that’s going to be on a person forever. Now, it is just skin, but let’s not kid ourselves. Folks with these goofy tats might feel a pun-ishing sense of regret later in life.

Now, we’re not here to pass judgment. We are here for the puns and we decided to take a deep dive into the world of comedy tattooing to bring you some veritable ink comedians. We found some exceptionally fun and clever pun tattoos that we think you’ll get a prick out of. Here are 25 pun tattoos that truly pun for all.

Naughty Noodles

Well, we’re off to a slippery start. We’ve got an exceedingly fun tattoo here in the form of a takeout box full of noodles. The design includes instructions. *crinkly face emoji*

No More Fox to Give

This fox is over it! This very well-designed black and white ink tattoo looks great even though it’s mostly there for a punchline.

And the Cat’s Pajamas

We’ve got some bee’s knees going on here. These extremely sharp, matching tattoos look fantastic, so good in fact, that some might miss the joke.

On the Case

What do you call an alligator in a vest? These adorable and playful tattoo matches the silliness of the subject matter with an extremely cute cartoon detective. We know who we want on the case.

Bottle of Boos

This pun tattoo works on a number of levels. Sometimes called, “spirits” other times called “booze.” This person’s got a bottle of the boo stuff. Cheers!

A Thermos-tat

While this thermos tattoo is inventive, the pun it’s trying to communicate is rather… lukewarm. Here we have a thermos-tat which is unfortunate. However, we truly do enjoy the shading with white here.


This is not this little crab’s first rodeo! If you’re going to get a pun tattoo, you should probably go small rather than big. This micro tattoo has enough attitude to do great while still being tiny.

Steven Sea-gull

Of all the problematic men, you probably could find no one better to poke fun at than Steven Seagal. Yes, make fun of this has-been.

Sushi Roll

How is sushi so endlessly cute? Here we have a roll that wants you to just chill out. This simple black ink tattoo is of food, so we’re here for it.

Please Leaf

This cute little potted plant just wants some peace and quiet. We love the heart-shaped leaves and the pink and green inks chosen for this charming design.


This big beautiful tattoo might take a second for some to process. Because the tattoo has been so expertly inked, it’s not apparent that there’s a joke here.


Peanut butter jellyfish time! This is so ridiculous. We have no idea what possessed this individual into conceiving of this pun tattoo, but it’s undeniable that they’ve landed the pun.

At the Otter Limits

Otters are such adorable creatures that it’s a shame their namesake makes for so many good puns. “You otter know” and “Otter space” are just a couple that come to mind. At least this little animal tattoo is a sweet one.

Donut Mess With…

This person is apparently over it. In the caption for this image, the person with this tattoo included the fact that this is indeed a vegan donut. So, if you were worried about that, rest easy.

Butter Me Up

If there’s one thing that we non-vegans can agree on, it’s that butter is a delicious treasure. This tattoo is so darn precious we can’t even be mad about it. We love the little dots used to decorate the butterfly wings.

This Chills

Did you expect to come across a refrigerator tattoo today? How about in your entire life? Alas, we’re treated to this cool creation, a real chiller.

The Wanderer

Here we find a couch riding a wave. Totally dude, why not? As you might expect, this tattoo hails from surfing hotspot Waikiki.

Roll With It Round Two

Can all the puns be food puns? This lovable cinnamon roll would like you to know that your bottom is cute. We absolutely love this colorful design complete with polka dot hearts and vibrant flowers.

Watch Your Language

This man has an affinity for a certain bad word. Which, arguably, is the best bad word. Bombs away!

Live Life to the Fowlest

Well, we can write with confidence that this person is not going to feel any remorse over this tattoo. The simple black ink design works well here.

Somewhat Totally Rad

Confidence is key! We didn’t know we needed a radish tattoo, but we’ve been changed. Don’t think this crunchy salad vegetable is anything less than completely rad.

Fork Off

What the fork? This utensil flipping the bird was a choice. Make better ones.

Lizzin’ It Up

Here, we have both a joke tattoo and a pet tattoo. This pet owner is the proud parent of a bearded dragon and has immortalized him within a simple heart shape. If a pet owner is committed enough to get a tattoo of their animal, that pet is most definitely lizzin’ the good life.

One Hot Dog

Dachshunds are one of the cutest breeds of dogs ever! Here we find this wiener dog sandwiched between a bun and looking very hot!

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Sushi Should

This person unquestionably has a thing for puns because she’s got the sushi pun tattoo and the bee’s knees tattoo. We think an intervention is in order.

There you go! 25 punny tattoos that we hope you enjoyed. Tattoos are a form of self-expression and it’s totally cool to be a goofball. We love these silly tattoos to death!

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