25 Scottish Baby Names for Girls, Traditional Names for Your Little Lassie

From the lochs and castles of the Highlands, Scottish baby names were born and eventually spread around the world with enthusiasm. These traditional names began as familial, clan names and over time evolved to become some of the most beloved monikers in the UK and enjoy global appeal. Scotland has such a rich history and the Scottish Gaelic language has many influences including a sprinkling of Viking flare after repeated invasions. Which means you’ll find an array of baby names to consider.

Scotland possesses a proud cultural identity that’s unlike any other on the planet. The Scotts have a reputation of being fierce warriors so it’s no surprise that many Scottish names not only have strong connotations but also sound bold and decisive. If you have Scottish heritage or just a love of deep-fried food, you might be looking for some inspiration for your baby girl’s name. We’ve got you covered. Here are 25 Scottish baby names for girls that you’ll hear from city centers like Edinburgh to the remote Outer Hebrides.

25. Iona

25 Scottish Names for Girls

The Isle of Iona is a small island off the western coast of Scotland and where this gorgeous name comes from. The name Iona means “from the yew-place.” It would be a happy alternative to Fiona!

24. Anice

25 Scottish Names for Girls

While its diminutives Annella and Annot are now more popular in Scotland, Anice is the original. The name means “grace.” It sounds very similar to the flowering plant, anise and we love it.

23. Bonni

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Bonni is the cute, chill spelling of Bonnie, a Scottish name that means “cheerful.” While this name sounds vintage, it’s currently a top 1000 pick for girls in the US.

22. Larena

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Larena is a charming baby name with a meaning that you’ll have to look past. The name means “serves Lawrence.” This most likely refers to St. Laurence of Rome. Larena is a welcome alternative to Lauren and we love how it rolls off the tongue.

21. Vika

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Vika has an exotic sound to it but it means simply, “from the creek.” For fans of Vida, Vita, and the other similar V-names, Vika would be a great choice.

20. Ailsa

25 Scottish Names for Girls

The girl’s name Aisla made its way to Scotland by way of the Vikings. It’s a variation of a Norse name that means “elf victory.” Parents will get a touch of whimsy with this attractive name.

19. Catriona

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Catriona is the preferred form of the name Katrina in Ireland and Scotland. It’s pronounced the exact same way with the added benefit of having a very fun spelling. The name means “pure.”

18. Elspeth

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Elspeth is such a playful and cute, Scottish form of the name Elizabeth. Similar to Elsbeth, Elspeth is a name that flourishes on the isles that surround the Scottish coast. The name means “pledged to God.”

17. Peigi

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Peigi is a Scottish Gaelic name that is pronounced exactly like Peggy. It is a pet form of the buttoned-up Margaret and means “pearl.” Peigi is such a cute name that’s ready for a resurgence in the US.

16. Coira

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Cora is an old-fashioned name that’s come back in a big way in the US landing in the top 100 in 2018. If you love the name but want to spice it up, consider Coira. Coira is a Scottish name, related to Corey, which means “seething pool.”

15. Senga

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Senga is a beautiful name you almost never hear in the US. Senga comes from Gaelic and means “slender.”

14. Edina

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Many Scottish poets have referred to Edinburgh as Edina and over time it has taken on the meaning of “from Edinburgh.” While this name is most popular in Hungary, it would be a great nod to Scotland’s most cherished city. The English names Edwin and Edwina are variations and they mean “wealthy.”

13. Lorna

25 Scottish Names for Girls

If Larena is too much for you, consider Lorna. Lorna is short and sweet. It comes from a firth on Scotland’s cost called The Firth of Lorn or Lorne. R. D. Blackmore’s novel Lorna Doone helped popularize this literary name. Oh! And, those little shortbread cookies of the same name!

12. Kirstie

25 Scottish Names for Girls

The Gaelic name Ciorstag might look more familiar to English speakers as Christine. Kirstie is a shortened form of it and very popular in Scotland. The name means “anointed.”

11. Gara

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Gara is a Gaelic name for girls that comes from the surname, Ó Gadhra. This adventurous name would be perfect for a family of dog-lovers because it means “hound” or “mastiff.”

10. Euna

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Euna is the Scottish form of the Gaelic name Ùna which means “unity.” Similar to the Ewan, or Euan, this handsome name for girls would be a great alternative to Una or Eugenie.

9. Wynda

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Wynda is an exciting name for girls that was a family name used to describe “someone from the narrow passage.” The old Scottish name doesn’t get much use these days, but we’d love to see its fortune change.

8. Evina

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Many people consider the name Evina to come from Hebrew and mean “life.” However, in Scotland, the name has origins in Gaelic and means “right-handed.” If Edina didn’t make your heart soar, perhaps Evina does.

7. Adaira

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Another poetic Scottish name, Adaira has an enchanting meaning that matches its lyrical sound. The name means “by the oak tree ford.” If you’re feeling extra, you can always opt for Adairia as well.

6. Ceit

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Ceit is the Gaelic form of Kate and also means “pure.” If you are smitten with the classic beauty and elegance of Kate but want an interesting take on it, consider Ceit.

5. Blair

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Blair is a delightful unisex baby name that comes from the Scottish Gaelic blàr which means “plain,” “field,” or “meadow.” Blair is a fairly popular name in the US so you won’t be choosing anything too out-of-step. While the name enjoys favor for both boys and girls in the US, in the UK, very few girls are given the name.

4. Fenella

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Fenella offers more character than Fiona without being as over-the-top as its cousin, Fionnuala. This gorgeous Scottish name means “white-shouldered one.”

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3. Lainie

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Lainie has vintage-appeal as it is commonly used as a nickname for Elaine in the US. While Elaine means “bright shining one,” Lainie in its Scottish context means “serves John.”

2. Jamia

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Jamia is a thrilling form of the name Jamie that means “supplanter.” The Scots have about a million forms of the name including Jaimee, Jamae, Jamison, Jaime, etc. We love Jamia!

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1. Nessa

25 Scottish Names for Girls

Nessa is a truly remarkable name that means “from the headland” in Scottish. In Irish mythology, Nessa (AKA Ness) was a princess of the Uliad and mother of Conchobar mac Nessa in the Ulster Cycle. However, the name is also found in Scandinavian traditions that might have also brought it to Scotland by way of the Vikings. In Celtic, ness means “roaring one.” As you can see, the name has a storied past with lots of competing adoration around it.

There you go! Strap on a kilt and plate up some haggis because these Scottish baby names are gold! We hope these names for girls inspired you and that you will even consider one of these delightful names for your daughter.

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