25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Are you a bird person? Are you looking for a baby name that takes flight? If so, then don’t get your feathers ruffled when trying to choose a name for your baby. Baby names inspired by birds are aplenty and these monikers are far from batty. We’ll take a look at some human names that also happen to be bird names as well as names for birds in other languages that make excellent baby titles.

Birds are such heavenly creatures that fly above all the rest. They conjure characterizations like the wise old owl, the flighty chicken, or a joyful, singing songbird. Birders have long understood the allure of birds. Birdwatchers know that detecting a rare bird is an unparalleled joy. We hope these names will spark that same joy and inspire thoughts of your favorite feathered friend. Here are 25 baby names for bird lovers that you certainly want to flock to.

25. Avis

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Avis is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “bird.” The name has vintage charm with a nod to everyone’s favorite feathered animals. For Harry Potter fans, this name will have even more meaning because it is the name of a spell that creates a flock of birds.

24. Corbett

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Corbett is an English name with French origins that means “raven.” It used to be more commonly found as a surname, but parents today are using the moniker as a given name. Another form of the name is Corbin and it’s just as popular. Both were also used as nicknames for people with dark raven-like hair.

23. Koko

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Koko is a cool alternative to Coco. Koko is a Japenese name for girls that means “stork.” This charming name would be a stealthy way to infuse fowl inspiration into your child’s name.

22. Robin

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Robin is a trending baby name right now. This unisex name enjoyed favor for girls over the past decade but it’s trending for boys once more. The name is a diminutive form of Robert that has English origins and means “bright fame.” Robin is also a name to the migratory songbird we all know and love.

21. Ainara

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Ainara is a Basque name for girls that is extremely popular in Spain. The name means “swallow” as in a Tree Swallow or Barn Swallow. Ainara has tons of charm and has not caught on in the US yet. In Spain, it’s in the top 100 names for baby girls.

20. Drake

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

The name Drake might make you think of the Canadian rapper, but it was popular long before he got the name in 1986. Drake is a name with English origins that means “dragon” or “male duck.”

19. Mavis

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Mavis is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “songbird.” Mavis has a vintage feel and birders will recognize it as a name for a song thrush as well. The name is also a relative of the Welsh word mefus that means “strawberry.”

18. Jonah

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Jonah is a biblical name that has Hebrew origins and means “dove.” If Jonah is too flat for you, consider the Greek form of the name, Jonas. Both options are great and are preferred over the more common names Joshua or Jacob.

17. Circe

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Pronounced SUR-see, the Greek name Circe is a fine name for a girl. In Greek myth, Circe was a sorceress who would turn men into animals. Okay! This Greek name for girls means “bird.”

16. Zamir

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Zamir is a Hebrew name for boys that means “song” or “bird.” It’s a nonbiblical Hebrew name and has an excellent ring to it.

15. Wren

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Wrens are a family of brown passerine birds that are enthusiastic and lively. The name Wren is a fashionable choice for both boys and girls. It has English origins and entered the top 1000 names for girls for the first time in the US in 2012.

14. Laraline

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Laraline is a lyrical name that’s not only fun to say, it also has a fun meaning. Laraline shares the same root as the seabirds’ suborder Lari. It refers to any and everything gull. Laraline is a fun alternative to Lorelie or Caroline.

13. Swift

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Swifts are a family of birds known for their aerial prowess. Swift is also a fantastic name for a baby boy. Swift has English and Irish origins and means “quick” or “windblown.”

12. Vega

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Vega is a name for girls that has origins in Arabic and means “swooping eagle.” In Spain, the name is extremely popular and it’s in the top 50 picks for baby girls. The name also enjoys popularity across Scandanavia.

11. Teal

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Teal is a wonderful unisex name for babies that refers to the blue-green color. In addition, Teal also refers to any of about 15 small ducks of the genus Anas. If Teal is too “out there” for you, consider using it as a middle name. It goes well with many other names.

10. Dove

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Dove is a gorgeous name for a bird or child and has the added bonus of rhyming with love. Believe it or not, Dove was the preferred bird name for parents in the 19th Century. In North America, doves are some of the most common birds.

9. Efron

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

This Biblical bird name, Efron is a variant of Ephron and has Hebrew origins. The name for boys means “lark.” Both Efron and Ephron have yet to take off as given names in the US, but we’d love to see that trend migrating in a more favorable direction.

8. Arden

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Arden is the name of a magical forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The gender-neutral name works beautifully for both boys and girls. It means “valley of the eagle.”

7. Birdie

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Actor Busy Philipps named one of her daughters Birdie after Lady Bird Johnson. Birdie is an English name that, of course, means “bird.” This name might be too on the nose for some birdwatchers, but it’s such a cute and playful name that we love.

6. Lowan

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Lowan is a handsome name for boys that has origins in Indigenous Australian languages. The name means “malleefowl.” A malleefowl is a ground-dwelling bird that’s about the size of a chicken. Lowan is an excellent alternative for Logan or Rowan.

5. Iolani

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

The Hawaiin name Iolani pronounced ee-oh-lahn-ee, is a stylish name for girls that means “hawk of royalty.” The Iolani Palace was the royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii beginning with Kamehameha III under the Kamehameha Dynasty.

4. Paco

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Paco is such an exquisite name for boys. It’s a pet form of the name Francisco. Paco has Spanish origins and means “eagle.” The name is closely associated with Saint Francis of Assisi.

3. Piper

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Piper is an English name that means “flute player.” It comes from the Latin word pipere which means “to peep.” Piper also belongs to the sandpiper a commonly found shorebird. Piper is a unisex name, but it’s much more common for boys than girls.

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2. Baz

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Baz is a diminutive of Sebastian or Basil and has Kurdish origins. This name for boys means “regal” or falcon.” It is incredibly popular among parents in The Netherlands.

1. Lark

25 Soaring Baby Names for Bird Lovers

Larks are cheery songbirds that make us think of sunshine. The phrase “happy as a lark” should be an indication that this name has a very positive connotation. Lark is a bird name that hasn’t enjoyed the same favorability as Wren or Robin, but we’d love to see that change. This merry name would be a fine choice for a little girl and if it’s too over-the-top sounding to you, consider it as a middle name.

Birds are fascinating, ethereal creatures that bring so many people so much joy. If you’re a birder or just someone who loves nature, consider these bird-inspired names for babies. They’ll never let you down.

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