25 Spellbinding Witchy Tattoos That Will Charm You

Witches and their accouterments are powerful symbols that capture the imagination and always cast a spell. It should come as no surprise that imagery that invokes witchcraft makes incredible tattoo designs. Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans alike are proudly getting tattoos that express their personality. These tattoos are also reflective of the faith they practice.

Additionally, witch imagery is just wildly popular even for people who do not practice magick. Why? It looks very, very cool. With books (A Discovery of Witches), movies (The Witch), and television (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) all being made about witches, the character has become very mainstream and part of popular culture. We are not experts on the spiritualism, but we do deeply respect personal beliefs and expression. Out of that sense of respect and with a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing, we bring you these 25 enchanting witchy tattoos that impressed us and think you’ll love.

The Hand

This neotraditional tattoo design of hand comes from an artist in Pamplona, Spain. We love the color of the warm inks chosen here.


One of the most popular items people choose to tattoo is a broomstick. The first depiction of a witch riding a broomstick dates all the way back to the 15th century. The broom was used as a tool in rituals to help balance masculine and feminine energies.


Here we find a half sleeve tattoo that incorporates all sorts of imagery we associate with witchcraft. The symbol on the book of spells is the triple goddess. It’s an icon as far as Wiccan symbols go representing three phases of the moon, and the three phases that women go through in their lifespan: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.


The person who got this compelling tattoo shared the quote “We are the granddaughters of witches that you couldn’t burn.” The tattoo is done in the sketch style which looks fantastic here.


This tattoo comes from Poland and it’s captivating. We love the choice of inks as well as the imagery.

Ride at Night

Wow. This haunting tattoo of a witch is so stylish. We love the way the hair and the billowing dress match in shape.


A little spell action here with this rose and crystal. Spells often involve objects from nature. This tattoo is so delicate and beautiful.


Here we find a magic potion done in just black ink. This very clean tattoo looks fantastic.


Tarot cards
 have been around since the mid-15th century and are used for psychic readings. Each card has a different meaning for each person. Death is a popular choice for tattoos.

Bubble Away

In Western culture, cauldrons have become synonymous with witches thanks to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This colorful cauldron has little to do with actual witchcraft, but it certainly looks fun.


A planchette is a tool used in witchcraft and divination. It’s used to facilitate automatic writing, which is where words are produced without conscious thought about what’s being written. If you’ve seen an ouija, you know all about this!

Fine Feline

Here, we find a handsome cat with glowing green eyes. This feline has a planchette of its own. Cats are mysterious creatures that humans will never fully understand. Perhaps that’s why they’ve cast a spell on us.

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The Forest

This is a truly remarkable tattoo done in black, grey, and white ink. As with all religions, nature is an integral part to witchcraft.

The Bouquet

Here we have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers held by a hand with some popular symbols on it. Elemental symbols for earth, air, fire, and water are very popular witch tattoos.

The Moon

Here, we find another tarot tattoo this time with The Moon card. This very precise tattoo done in just black ink is a stunner.


Look at all that gorgeous grey. In this imaginative tattoo, we find a skull and also bones. Bones are used in a number of rituals. Also, they’re just really interesting to look at.

The Sun

This hot, red sun tattoo looks magical to us. We love the shading on the face and super fine linework of the sun’s rays.


The phases of the moon can be depicted in a number of ways. This tattoo lines them up all the way from the wrist to the elbow.


This trippy tattoo design consists of three beautiful faces. The purple and yellow inks employed here really contrast one another and make this design pop.


The crystal ball has been a tool of fortune-tellers since ancient Rome. This magical design sparkles without being too showy.


We have no idea what’s going on here, but we’re totally into it. Jackalopes and other mythical animal hybrids have captured our imaginations for centuries. This tattoo design makes them even more mysterious looking.


Here’s another example of a spell tattoo. Look at all that stunning detail!

A Wonder

This stunning tattoo was inspired by Hanamushi’s art. The Japanese artist often depicts otherworldly characters and creatures.


This haunting nature-inspired tattoo has it all. There’s the crescent moon, colorful flowers, twinkling stars, and the main attraction: a moth.

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The tattoo artist shared that the client who got this piece requested the concept: “a woman shedding her skin.” This is what the tattoo artist came up with. What a bold a beautiful creation!

There you go! 25 witch tattoos that run the gamut from inspired by the occult to actually belonging to practicing witches. We hope you enjoyed these tattoos and are inspired by them for some ink of your own.

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