25 Terrifying Extreme Piercings That You Can't Unsee

25 Extreme Piercings That Will Haunt You for Life

It turns out you can get more than your ears pierced! Of course, you knew that but there’s an entire body modification community dedicated to pushing the limits of what decorating the body look like. Unlike tattoos, piercings can get even wilder because of their 3-D nature. Over the last several decades, piercers have gotten bold with their perfected capabilities and innovations have achieved peak extreme.

We decided to take a look at some unconventional body piercings that you might not have even known were even possible. These body modifications go beyond traditional piecing techniques and utilize everything from microdermal implants and even embedding jewelry into teeth. We thought we knew every part of the body it was possible to pierce but wow, were we tortuously wrong. Take a poke around these 25 bizarre piercings and be sure to take inspiration from them if you’re feeling courageous. Some images are upsetting. We start rather modestly before the

The Whole Hip

Microdermal implants allow you to pierce just about any part of the body. The jeweled top is anchored to a base that’s implanted under the skin. It’s supposedly extremely painful.

All the Lip

Why get just one lip ring when you can have seven? This person went all out and treated his lower lip like a pin cushion.

The Eyelid

As you might imagine, the eyelid is an extremely risky piercing because it can easily get infected which could jeopardize eyesight. Just imagine if this ring got caught on something. Or better yet, don’t.

Gum Piercings

As with all oral piercings, gum piercings are another risk. We’re pretty sure our dentist would disown us if we walked in with one of these.


A piercing or implant between the breasts is a bold choice. We knew it was a popular place for tattoos but had no idea the same was true for jewels.


We don’t know who coined the term “rhino piercing” but they deserve an award. The rhino piercing goes straight through the tip of the nose.


Here, we find a vertical bridge piercing right through the skin of the forehead. This one looks a bit less intense than the others, but we imagine it still didn’t feel great.

Stretched Nostrils

For those who’ve always wanted to stick a pencil or straw through their nostrils, you’re in luck! All you need to do is to pierce both nostrils and stretch them over time until you’ve got gaping holes in your nose. Viola!

Finger Web Piercings

Ah, yes. The hand piercing. If a standard ring around your finger doesn’t do it for you, feel free to get the webbing of fingers pierced and a couple of dermal implants for good measure.

Toe Web

If you were born with webbed toes, why not make the most of them? Here, we find a similar style to the hand with a toe webbing piercing.

Stretched Achilles

Well, we’ve always wanted a hole through our heel. Wait, no. Who would do this? Ow! Ow! Ow!

Chin Piercing

If you weren’t born with dimples, you can certainly get them put right in. This hurts to look at.

Stretched Septum

Similar to the stretched labrets in the nostrils, you can also stretch your septum. Heaven help this person during cold and flue season.

Dual Stretched Tongue Frenulum

Lalalalala! This picture is somehow also a horror movie. Here, we find dual stretched tongue frenulum piercings because nothing is off limits.


Smiley piercings are a lip frenulum piercing through the hood of flesh underneath the lip. It’s kind of cute! At least, the name is!


If you don’t want a studded hip, you can get the dermal piercings elsewhere. Right up your forearms is an option.

Snake Eyes

A snake eyes or venom piercing is a barbell place horizontally through the tip of the tongue. This definitely has bite.

Large Labrets

Stretched labrets aren’t only for your nose! You can stretch your cheeks and even skin of the chin around them. We don’t know how these complicate eating and drinking, but there have to be some setbacks, right?

Back of the Neck

“I’ve got eyes in the back of my head,” takes on new meaning with subdermal piercings in the neck. These seem rather tame compared to other examples on the list.

Extremely Extreme Cheeks

In case you were wondering about stretched labrets unplugged, check these cheeks out. Or keep scrolling very fast.


A tooth implant is not technically a piercing, but it is another means to the same end. If you want to add a pearl to your pearly whites, this is one way to do it.

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Through the Jaw?

We hate to ask the obvious question: how does that not leak? Do we not understand the way the body works? This piercing through the bottom of the mouth is puzzling.

This Face

When in doubt, the answer is yes, you can probably get that pierced. This man’s face proves it.


Mondays, am I right? We don’t know why this man wanted to create little jail cells for his peepers, but here we are.


We’re scared to ask, but why? It must take a very brave piercer to perform this. No biting off fingers! Not today!

There you go! 25 terrifying, bizarre, and extreme piercings that prove anything is possible! If you’re not utterly horrified, you might be inspired to get a piercing yourself! Yay! We’re glad something good came of this.

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