25 Tribute Tattoos That Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Dads hold such a special place in our hearts so it’s only natural that many of us get tattoos to honor our fathers. Some tribute tattoos or memorial tattoos are bittersweet. For many folks, Father’s Day is a day of reflection. Getting a tattoo after the passing of a loved one is common and we’ve included a couple of those on this list. However, these tattoos should be seen as a celebration of dads.

These super fun tattoos represent the creativity and special bonds we form with our parents. Many are nostalgic, depicting scenes of past adventures and beloved memories. Others are of objects that remind them of dad. Yes, you’ll see a tattoo of a lite beer here! Because love has no rules, Dad tattoos truly run the gamut. These 25 tribute tattoos for dad will warm your heart and put you in the spirit ahead of the holiday.

The Classic Heart

The heart-shape is a classic symbol of everlasting love. This traditional style of tattoo is always a great idea and will never go out of style.

A Reimagined Heart

This gorgeous silhouette of a kid with their dad is so heartfelt. The idea of surrounding the scene with an anatomical heart was an interesting choice, but there’s no doubt what idea this design is conveying.

Pop’s Swiss Army Knife

Dad’s are always at the ready with a tool or a practical solution. We love this inventive tattoo of a Swiss Army Knife inscribed with “Pops.”

A Fine Memory

This very fine line tattoo recreates a memory forever captured in a photograph of a daughter with her father. This minimalist tattoo is a fantastic tribute that’s deeply personal.

Dad’s Favorite Jacket

The tattoo artist who shared this image explained that it is a reimagining of a dad’s favorite denim jacket that was covered in patches, including several Led Zeplin pieces. “You are the voice I wanna hear forever in my head,” it says. You’ll also notice a heart-shaped patch that contains the word “Papa.”

Light as a Feather

This very fine feather tattoo looks like a quill. It looks so light and delicate and it’s a truly beautiful tribute to dad.

A Walk Among the Pyramids

Silhouette tattoos are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. This one imagines a daughter with her father exploring ancient Egyptian pyramids.

A Rose for Dad

This simple, yet beautiful blackwork tattoo is done in a traditional style without many frills. Simple, clean designs are always a joy.


The daughter who got this tattoo affectionately referred to her dad as El Nacho. The design depicts a ship on stormy seas, perhaps dad always knew how to right the ship? This is another great example of traditional tattooing.

Father, the Fisherman

The person who shared this tattoo explains that it was based on a polaroid photo of his dad. We love the way the fishing pole extends beyond the border giving this tattoo a touch of magic and whimsy.

A Hoppy Delight

As promised, this person decided to get a bottle of beer tattooed in honor of their dad. The blue flowers, wheat, and malt all look fantastic as they wrap around the brew.

Insanely Inventive

This stunning tattoo of anthropomorphic kiwi birds on a penny-farthing bike is unlike anything else on this list. Daddy bird is peddling the bike while the baby bird gets to enjoy the ride. A very unique and touching design.

He’s the Anchor

Anchors and sailor-centric tattoos will always be go-to designs that embody the tradition of Americana tattoos in the style of Sailor Jerry. This one is as sharp as they come.

Dances with Dad

Father-daughter dances are a tradition that many have lovingly experienced. This dotwork tattoo of a little girl standing on her dad’s feet evokes memories of learning to dance and plenty of warm embraces. This is so precious.

A Sentimental Carnation

This beautiful tattoo of a carnation is improved by its stem transforming into the word “Dad.” Delicate and sweet with subdued colors, this is a fine tattoo.

Dad’s Wrench

This awesome tattoo of chrome wrench reflects cool blues and warm orange tones. Dads certainly love finding the right tool for each job and this tattoo for a handy dad is a stunner.

A Portrait of Dad

An extremely skilled tattoo artist helped bring this photorealistic tattoo to life. The artist explains that its a recreation of an old photo of this person’s dad. Masterful work here that really took a lot of trust and patience.

Dad’s Are Fighters

Dads fight for their kids and families every day. This simple tattoo of boxing gloves conveys that message along with dad’s love of boxing. A beautiful tribute.

For Father’s Day

The person with this tattoo specifically got it to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a fine line tattoo of her dad with his arms outstretched, a sight many of us reveled in as children. This very simple and sweet tattoo was a great choice.

A Bottle Cap

This design imagines an old Pepsi bottlecap but instead of the Pepsi logo, you’ll find the word “Pa-pa.” This very cute and playful cap does its job well.

A Hyperrealism Portrait

Another stunning portrait of a dad, this design even captures unshaven facial hair and wisps of long eyebrows. A truly stunning work of art.

Memories of Fishing

Fishing with dad is a favorite activity for kids. This stylish tattoo imagines a scene where the kids are inspecting a fresh catch.

American Football

Why is this football being punctured by a knife and an arrow? We have no clue! But, this dad tattoo looked so cool we had to share it with you. The colors are so incredibly vibrant and we’re sure it means so much to the person who got it.


This tattoo of a five of diamonds lure is such a treat! For a simple way to honor a dad or any person in your life, choosing an object with symbolic meaning is always a smart move when it comes to a tattoo design.

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The Tree Swing

A woman decided to honor her dad with a tattoo of the tree swing he attached to a cedar tree for her. The black ink used for the tree and grass contrast sharply with the more esoteric shapes that use red, teal, and gold ink. The watercolor effect is also a beautiful touch.

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