29 Creepy Tattoos That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

Calling all goths! Calling all closet goths! We’ve got the creepy tattoos that you did not know you needed in your life. These scary tattoos contain all manner of frightening subject matter from ghosts and ghouls to uncanny characters, there’s no shortage of spooky going on.

For some of us, the best time of the year and the very best holiday is Halloween. There’s no better way to show your love of all things scary and macabre than by getting a tattoo of something that sort of creeps you out. We decided to take a deeper look into the world of scary tattoos to find the most bone-chilling designs that people have permanently decorated their bodies with. Are you ready for some eerie tattoos that will make your blood run cold? Here are 29 creepy tattoos that will haunt your dreams.


To kick things off, let’s start with this ghostly design of a floating ghost with glowing white eyes. We wouldn’t want to bump into this guy on the way to the bathroom at night.

Pink Eye

This design takes a perfectly good peony and turned it into a monster flower. This very red, murky eye is dripping tears. Eeek!

Creepy Crawler

Well, this person got a micro tattoo (seen here in closeup) of a cockroach. Is nothing safe?

Light in the Dark

Nothing like a faceless child to make you feel the futility of your own mortality. We love the way the lantern lights the entire design giving the entire tattoo a green glow.

The Witch


This stunning tattoo of a witch is based on a tarot card design. We love the linework here and the shading that’s been done with thousands of little dots. A spell has been cast!


The only thing scarier than a three-headed skeleton is a three-headed skeleton holding horns shaped like daggers. We’re creeped out!

Imaginary Friends


We’re treated to another ghostly design with this little girl frightened by dark apparitions. We hope she finds some light to ward off those shadows!

Haunted House

In Russian folklore, Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs. In other Slavic traditions, Baba Yaga appears as a deformed woman.


What is going on here? This liquidy face makes us so uncomfortable for some reason. It shares the same DNA as Edward Munch‘s The Scream.


One of the most unsettling things ever put to film was this creature from The Thing. We’ll never sleep again.

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This monstrous skull with its long tongue constitutes a half sleeve tattoo. Some questions: why does it have three eyes? Why are there bones on the tongue? How do we make it stop?

Satan Sleeves

These devilish full sleeve tattoos contain all sorts of haunting imagery including an evil nun, a horned skull, a burning house, and a creepy doll with needles in it. Does anyone have any spare holy water around?

The Splitting Headache

This black and white ink tattoo includes several pretty daisies for good measure. This skull is double trouble!

The Raven

This person really went and got a giant devil-raven tattooed over their entire arm. What do you think it sees from that white eye?

Creepy Clown


Creepy clowns are no joking matter! This very unsettling tattoo of a clown makes us want to hide under the covers. The bizarre horizontal lines across this tattoo are very weird and completely effective.

Heart in a Cage

Take a look under the hood with this giant chest piece. It seems like there’s some stuff missing, but at least there’s a heart in there.


Kids, say no to bugs. This very well-executed tattoo is also very, very creepy.


Junji is the moniker for a famed Japanese manga artist who puts out some of the creepiest stuff ever. This tattoo is inspired by his art. Would you get something like this on your neck?


This is the face we make when our children wake us up too early. In all seriousness, this vampire tattoo is so creepy!

A Bat Frog

Bats and frogs are gross enough on their own. This is what happens when you combine the two. Whoever created this must pay for their sins.



Nope. This is wrong on a number of levels. We could have lived an entire life without seeing this!

Baby Mantis

Here’s the cute baby content you came for! We’ve got a baby praying mantis mashup here that’s not right. Those eyes…

Stay Out of the Forest

PSA: don’t go into the woods at night. Nothing good ever comes of it. This tattoo of a creepy forest is the reminder we all need.

Four Eyes

Right. We’re not sure if this is supposed to be an alien or a reptile-human hybrid. One this is certain, those eyelashes are on point.


A bloody face with the skin melting off is not what we imagined we’d find when we went looking for creepy tats but here we are. Enjoy!


When we think of hell, this is what comes to mind. Just a sea of skulls with an undead overlord is all you need.


A typical photorealistic bloody eye. Nothing to see here. We don’t know what would possess someone to cover their arm in this. We can’t stop looking.

The Hand

How would you feel about holding this hand? This hand monster is both extremely creative and scary.

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Playing with Fire

Here we find a girl in a gas mask who has apparently lit a Victorian home on fire. Done in black and grey, this moody tattoo seems like a scene from an old horror movie.

There you go! 29 creepy tattoos that bring the horror. We hope you feel inspired by these goth tattoo designs and will consider getting something a little disturbing as your next tattoo.

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