This 3-Year-Old Believes His Baby Sister Is Living In The Dark While Mother Is Pregnant

In a hilariously sweet post to Reddit, one mother asks the interwebs for help on how to explain to her 3-year-old that the baby she is currently pregnant with is “not afraid of the dark.”

The little one is described as having a big heart that’s always thinking of others.

3-year-old believes baby sister is living in the dark
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“He (3) is a very sweet boy and despite his age he always wants to take care of everyone, that’s why in the last two days he has been sad and crying because he thinks his little sister is living in the dark inside my belly.”

It began when the family started to decorate their newborn’s room.

“We were decorating the baby’s room and he asked me if his sister had a lamp in my belly, I said no and he started crying asking me why? and he was like: what if she’s afraid of the dark?”

3-year-old believes baby sister is living in the dark
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“And then he said that I have to sleep with the light on so that his sister is not afraid.”

And while they attempted to explain that his new little sister was fine, he still didn’t get it.

“My husband told him that she can’t see if it’s dark or not because she has her eyes closed but then he started asking if his sister is blind so we talked to him for hours (I swear we really did) and he was fine, but suddenly he started to turn on all the lights in the house because that way his sister won’t live in the dark anymore.”

3-year-old believes baby sister is living in the dark
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“And if someone turns off any light he gets angry and cries and says that all the lights must be on so that his sister can see them.”

“…for us this is funny and cute but we want him to understand that his sister doesn’t need any light for now, but he just doesn’t understand, we need help! Lol.”

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