30 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas That Prove Friendship Is Forever

Getting your first tattoo is a wonderful experience but what makes it even more special is sharing it with a friend. Getting a matching tattoo with a friend takes the relationship to a whole new level and lets the world know that you and your bestie are the real deal. If you had doubts that your friend was a true ride-or-die, seeing them getting permanently inked up with you should erase all uncertainty.

Friendship tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be as gorgeous or as silly as you and your friend like. The best friendship tattoos are ones that are unique and represent a certain aspect of the friendship you share. Be sure to get inspired by these tattoo designs, but think of ways to make them your own. While most of the designs on this list are matching, don’t let that box you in. You can choose two different designs that complement each other and play to each individual’s aesthetic and personality. Here are 30 best friend tattoo ideas that we absolutely love.

Don’t Be Koi

When in doubt, turn to nature. These brilliant and beautiful matching koi fish look so elegant. And, each fish stands (swims?) on its own.

PowerPuff Girls

This trio of friends was inspired by Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles of PowerPuff Girl fame. If you and your friend(s) share a love of something, let that be the inspiration for your tattoos!

Beautiful Butterflies

These simple, yet effective matching tattoos get the job done. We love the design that incorporates flowers into the wings.


It looks like these two friends kept that promise they made. You don’t need to go all out for your friendship tattoo. If you’d like to keep things as cool as you are, go with designs that are meaningful without a lot of fuss.

The Other Half

Yin and yang is a concept about how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. That seems a lot like friendship. This pair of friends clearly felt the same way.

Goten & Trunks

Like the PowerPuff Girls, these friends turned to animation as inspiration and got these Dragon Ball Z tats. We love that both characters are in the same, matching pose.

Sun & Moon

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. These sun and moon tattoos aren’t breaking any new ground, but they are gorgeous and understated designs.

Ride or Die

Well, you can get right to the point if you want. These friends got matching “ride or die” tattoos on their chests. Nothing is coming between these two pals.


These animated avocado halves are adorable. Now, we’re craving guacamole.

For the Birds

Let’s give them something to squawk about. These friends got a pair of colorful, matching birds that we absolutely adore.


These two friends from Arizona decided to not only pay tribute to their friendship but also the desert they call home. This meaningful design is so special.

Spoonfuls of Love

We’re not sure what’s going on with the spoons, but we love soup as much as the next. “So you’ll think of me… and I’ll think of you too” is such a sweet sentiment.

Stay Weird

These best buds got a UFO and alien micro tattoos that are delightfully weird. If you think your friendship is out of this world, let your tattoos express it.

Love as Big as a Whale

What a romantic tattoo design that gives each person a piece to tell. We love this whale sailing through the night sky.

Unlikely Pals

Again, you can get as whimsical as you like. We have no idea what this turtle and dino have in common, but it’s cute.

T & J

If you’d describe your friendship as a bit looney, consider tunes like Tom and Jerry. These are some fun ones.

Friends Forever

These two friends must keep an eye out for each other. This very simple black line design looks excellent on each. A truly well-done design.


We love a good pun tattoo and these ghoulfriends are not taking themselves too seriously. Honestly, they’re just bootiful.

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These very, very small micro tattoos of crystal balls certainly charm. Even a small tattoo is a big commitment.


Rainbow tattoos are always a winning choice. These friends have paired their rainbows with the word promise. We hope it was to always shine on each other.


Friendships span the globe. These matching tattoos are a reminder that no matter where you are, you’ll always have a friend. This is a popular friendship tattoo design and it’s easy to understand why so many besties would want it.

Right Here

Similarly, these “wish you were here” tattoos communicate a desire for sharing each other’s company when you’re apart.


These moon-cats are just precious. We love how the shapes of the designs compliment each other.

Flowery Friends

These flower tattoos look like they’re from Silly Symphonies or some other classic Disney cartoon.

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We did not expect to find satellite tattoos, but people surprise you. These charming and sharp space-themed tattoos appear to be in communication.

Good Times and Bad

These friends are living for the drama. These very cool matching mask designs are a beautiful reminder of a friendship’s highs and lows.


These matching mini wine glasses are a blast. These friends are probably the life of the party.

Best Bugs

We’re not crazy about bugs, but these tattoos did catch our eye. The beetle designs share the same shape, but each person has asked for something a little different to fill it out.

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PB & J

These friendship tattoos belong to Kelly and Rachel who love to work out and drink margaritas together. If you’re going to personalize the design, this is how it’s done.

There you go! 30 matching friendship tattoos that are beautiful symbols of love. We hope you and your friend are inspired by these tattoo designs and you’ll consider getting some matching ink together!

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