30 Coronavirus Tattoos That Are Brilliant Signs of the Times

Well, the global pandemic rages on… It has a lot of people feeling a lot of ways and they’re channeling their emotions about the novel coronavirus into a creative outlet, tattoos. Coronavirus tattoos are now a thing with designs reflecting the absurdity and anxieties of this moment. While some people are getting moving tributes to nurses and doctors, others are choosing silly puns and jokes to get through it. With tattoo parlors finally reopening in many places, it’s going to be exciting to see what tattoos people are choosing right now.

We decided to take a look at recently shared tattoos on Instagram to find out! We were somewhat shocked to see how timely some of the designs were. Like, people understand these things last forever, right? Alas, it certainly makes for an entertaining scroll to see the numerous coronavirus tattoos out there. We suppose this is a once in a lifetime event! And, if you ever fear that you’ll somehow forget this moment, you can always do as these people did and get yourself a tatt reminder. Here are our 30 favorite coronavirus tattoos that perfectly capture the insanity of the times.

30. COVID-19 Test Tube

Just a vial of COVID-19. This person didn’t choose an imagining of the vaccine, no, a broken tube spilling coronavirus seems like the perfect visual metaphor for right now.

29. Survivor

This tattoo from Russia is another visual metaphor. A surgical face mask being worn by a coronavirus has to mean something, right? We’re thankful this person survived their COVID-19 ordeal.

28. Pin-up Nurse

Nurses have always been superheroes but at this time, they prove that fact every single minute of every single day. This gorgeous tribute was shared with the caption “Thank you.”

27. The Plague Doctor Will See You

This haunting design of a plague doctor from bubonic plague times has a creepy resonance today. This expertly done tattoo is a winner.

26. Tttooo

“I survived a global pandemic and all I got was this stupid tttoo.” Is this the greatest tattoo ever? Potentially.

25. Lonely

“I like being alone but not like this,” is exactly how the majority of us feel right now. The practice of social distancing is keeping many of us at home to help slow the spread. Unfortunately, that means too much alone time.

24. A Nurse with a Message

This beautifully vintage-looking tattoo looks like a million bucks. Just take a look at the way the hair has been tattooed in concentric swoops. This is a gem.

23. Reminder: Wear a Mask

This tattoo is a result of an artist’s shop closure and the artist creating “COVID cuties.” It was shared with the message: “Wear a mask!”

22. Sanitize

An amateur tattooist gave himself this tattoo of hand sanitizer which is sort of perfect.

21. Mini Coronavirus

At first glance, this might look like a booger, but it’s a coronavirus. Micro tattoos are even more fun when they’re of microbes.

20. King? COVID

This neotraditional virus tattoo is very neat and cute. A friendly reminder that COVID’s in charge right now.

19. Plagued

Here’s another plague doctor that’s done in black and grey ink. The person with this tattoo shared it along with the caption “coronaproof tattoo.”

18. Nurse Love

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COVID nurse. Thanks @s.hample

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More love for the nurses who are on the frontlines battling the virus. This beautiful, American traditional design looks fantastic with the red cross imagery.

17. Abstract Virus

This abstract imaging of a coronavirus is interesting. The person who just got the tattoo shared it with the caption, “Health is not valued until disease arrives.”

16. COVID Yokai

Yokai are popular figures in Japanese mythology. This one of a coronavirus looks like something from Ghostbusters. Very weird and fun!

15. Personal

For many healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients, burnout, trauma, and PTSD are common. This deeply personal tattoo of a worker trying to relax with her cat is touching.

14. An Anesthesiologist’s Tribute

An anesthesiologist from hard-hit Bergamo, Italy got this tattoo of a monitor turned off to represent the end of the period of maximum alert and an empty bed to represent a readiness for any new patients. What a beautiful tribute to this traumatic episode.

13. Don’t Cough On Me

30 Coronavirus Tattoos That Are Brilliant Signs of the Times

Seriously. Don’t. But if you must cough in my vicinity, thank you for at least wearing a face mask.

12. TP, Commodity

A roll of toilet paper wearing a face mask is the perfect imagery mashup for the moment. We can’t believe someone got this on their upper arm, but maybe 2020 has really made them feel a certain way.

11. Wash Your Hands

In the year of our Lord 2020, the main commandment is: wash your hands. These hands which almost look like they’re in prayer are soapy with cleanliness for 2020.

10. The Nurses will Save Us

The blue shading here is just everything. We love the inclusion of the year on this nurse’s lapels.

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9. Powerful Symbols

This brilliant tattoo was shared with the Albert Camus quote: “The plague had covered everything: there were no longer individual destinies, but a collective history, the plague, and feelings shared by all.”

8. Familiar Faces in Face Masks

Disneyland and Disney World are still closed, but that didn’t stop Mickey Mouse from playing it safe in a face mask. We love any time icons from pop culture are thrust into the conversation, they amplify the absurdity of the moment by reminding us of what used to be normal.

7. And So Is…

This darkly funny face mask tattoo is joined by the quote “Love is in the air.” Yikes.

6. Miss Rona 2020

Meet the coronavirus warrior you didn’t know existed, Miss Rona. The woman who got this tattoo said she had all the essential workers on her mind when she got it. Okay!

5. Beat It!

We’re not exactly sure what to make of this tattoo. Is the roll of toilet paper the survivor? Alas, it’s funny.

4. Batty

COVID-19 originated in bats so it’s only natural that they would wear a face mask to keep you safe from it. This very weird “COVID bat” tattoo is well done and will be instantly recognizable to anyone for years to come.

3. Socially Distanced All the Way to Space

If you’ve been on a grocery run recently and had a run-in or two with people who do not respect your six feet of personal space, this tattoo will most definitely appeal to you.

2. Wear ’em If You Got ’em

Who needs a face mask when you can strap on one of these bad boys? The question remains: if you had a gas mask would you wear it right now?

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1. A Socially Distant Butterfly

If you’re an introvert, you might be a social distance butterfly as opposed to a social butterfly. Again, we’ve got the toilet paper front and center here.

There you go! 30 coronavirus tattoos that perfectly encapsulate the moment.

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