30 Hot Summery Tattoos That Celebrate Fun in the Sun

Who else enjoys the dog days of summer? Lazing about, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying a good cookout are all traditions that make the season special. We found a bunch of fun-loving, sun-loving folks who decided to express their summer love with a tattoo. From frozen treats to beach vacation memories, there’s no shortage of inspiration for a summery tattoo.

We decided to take a dive into summer tattoo trends to see what sorts of tattoo designs are truly popping this season. Of course, there are plenty of gorgeous designs that incorporate images of the sea, but we also found a number of food-inspired tattoos that proved to be really fun. Because this summer is unlike any in memory, there are also a few rather morbid tattoos because 2020 is trash. Here are 30 hot summer tattoos that will make you want a trip to the beach and then a tattoo souvenir of it.

Lil’ Peachy

Peak peach season happens in July and August and these delicious fruits always make us think of warm times. This micro tattoo of a peach is the perfect little taste of summer.


There’s nothing like watching the sunset from the beach. This gorgeous tattoo captures the golden hour in all of its amazing glory.


As promised, here is another summer fruit we just love to munch on all season long. This watermelon tattoo is so vibrant and dazzling.

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By the Sea

Wow! Check out the tie-dye effect on the shirt! It’s amazing the tattoo artist was able to pull that off so well. We love the red ink used for the sun as well.


Okay! Here we find a character with a cactus for a head. Do we know why? No. Do we care? No. We love the sun images here along with the cute little watering can.

Lovely Sunset

It’s apparent that we all enjoy a summer sunset. This gorgeous heartshaped design captures the sun and sand with plenty of floral elements to sweeten things up.

Sunflower Sounds

This is a unique design! Here we have a sunflower acting as a gramophone. You know this flower is singing your favorite summer jams.

Godzilla and Popsicle

Why not? There’s nothing better than a popsicle on a hot day. This funny design imagines a small Godzilla enjoying the treat.


Hot days call for fire! Here we have a very fun grill tattoo that we must agree is “well done.”


This entire design is just so charming and sweet as it conjures memories of summers past. Catching lightning bugs or fireflies is a time-tested tradition.

Desert Vibes

What a novel design here! We love this cactus and bones design that reminds us of the hot, dry heat of the desert. We’re not sure why this cactus has a femur and we’re not going to ask.

Honey Heart

Here we find a honeycomb in the shape of a heart. With beautiful flowers and a big honeybee, this tattoo is so, so sweet.

Surf’s Up

Do you love catching waves at the beach? This 80s themed tattoo seems like a surfer’s dream. We love the hot pink highlight around the entire design.

Tropical Cat

There are two things we love more than anything else: cat tattoos and food. Here we have a cute little cat with a thrilling pattern going on in its fur, topped with a pineapple. It’s a winner!

Ice Cream

Things are heating up because this popsicle is a little melty. We love the lemon-colored ice cream against the blue background.

A Magical Pearl

Did you think you’d find pearls in the seashells when you were a kid? This magical mollusk has a big glowing pearl done in white ink and we’re in love.

Chill Out

Just a little bit of death here. This message in the bottle is telling us to take it easy and we’re going to heed that warning.

I Scream

Because 2020 is 2020, a little bit more death. Here, we have an ice cream cone filled with a creepy skull.

Floating Baby

We did not know we needed a capybara in a ring float, but we absolutely did. This adorable tattoo imagines the majestic creature cooling off just like the rest of us.

Name of the Game

There’s no question what was on this person’s mind when they got this tattoo. No guesswork here.


This tattoo comes from a South Korean tattoo artist. We love this minimalist, almost abstract design with a kiss of art deco. This is a winner! Take a victory lap.

Summer 2020

Hot Girl Summer 2020 edition. A skeleton eating a slice of watermelon is really all of us right now. Feeling it.

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Bird of Paradise

Wow! This brightly colored half sleeve tattoo features a glorious toucan among some tropical flowers. We love this nature-inspired design.


This ever so delicate seascape features a handsome dolphin at its center with shells, coral, and other characters at the periphery. What a stunner!


This hermit crab has found a new home inside an ice cream cone and honestly, doesn’t seem like a bad idea. We love this very playful tattoo.

Fabulous Flamingo

This wonderful beachy scene features a pretty pink flamingo that’s one of our favorite bird tattoos ever. This design feels light, bright, and carefree.

The Wave

Woah! This photorealistic tattoo of a wave breaking is nuts. We love how it curls around the sun and the way the light refracts throughout the wave.


We’ll have what she’s having. This sea lion in a Hawaiin shirt is the cutest thing ever!

In the Shack

After a day of riding the waves, it’s time for some rest and relaxation at the surf shack. This chill beach scene is complete with a refreshing beverage.

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Surf Wagon

Are you dreaming about an epic summer road trip? This tattoo captures the sense of adventure with pretty pastels and a ton of dots used for shading. Look’s like summer magic to us.

There you go! 30 sunny and bright summer tattoo designs that capture the spirit of the dog days. We hope you feel inspired by these hot designs and consider a summer tat of your own.

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