30 Thought-Provoking Quote Tattoos with Profound Significance

Is there one quote, mantra, or saying that helps bring you perspective and hope? For many of us, we revisit time-tested affirmations for any number of reasons. For this reason, quote tattoos have always been and will always be popular tattoos. After all, tattoos stay with us for life so it’s only natural that we would choose sayings we love as permanent forms of self-expression.

We venture to guess that you have a quote or two that you love and you might consider getting as a tattoo. There’s a lot to consider before commissioning the tat. For starters, the lettering is going to be the biggest component of any quote tattoo. You need to choose a font you love that’s not trendy or difficult. Choose a timeless font to help bolster the effervescence of the saying you’re getting tattooed. Next, consider the shape of your tattoo and placement. Do you need some ideas? We’ve got you covered! Here are 30 inspiring quote tattoos that should help you decide how to proceed with your own. They also happen to be very positive and hopeful so take a look at these quotes for some motivation.

Stay True

“Remember who you are” is an excellent reminder to stay true to yourself. We love the casual font employed here and the tattoo artist took care to keep it rather fine.

No Time Like the Present

This minimal tattoo has a sense of brisk urgency to it. “Now or never” tattooed in all caps gets right to the point!

It’ll Pass

“This too shall pass” is a sentiment that many of us take comfort in. We imagine the font used here is actually someone’s handwriting that’s been used as a basis for the lettering. It’s beautiful.


This is an interesting quote tattoo that’s a lyric taken from Switch’s “Symphony.” It’s a lovely thought and feels so right. We often put ourselves through a lot before we’re able to see the fruits of our labor.


This is the smartest tattoo on the planet. While not entirely a quote, it does deliver on an idea. “Worrying about worrying” on an endless loop is a feeling most anxious people can relate too.

Times Change

It’s true! Things can and will improve if you fight to change them. This beautiful tattoo includes a crystal ball that encourages this person to think about the future and the hope it holds.

Take a Breath

Letting go of the past is not an easy task. This quote and reminder to let things go with every breath is smart advice.

Be the Answer You Seek

If you’re waiting for someone else to answer life’s big questions for you or to solve a problem, you’re going to be waiting around for a while. This quote encourages the person with it to become the solutions they seek.

Dream Bigger

Fear is a powerful emotion and it’s easy to let it take grip. Don’t. Staying open-minded and following dreams is the best way you can lead a fulfilling life!


We love this swoopy lettering. And, we equally love the sentiment here. This is a much nicer form of the old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


We could be wrong, but we think this is a lyric from a James Baldwin poem. This tattoo is so neatly and beautifully executed. The fine lettering looks as if it’s been printed on the skin.


2020 has proven to be a challenge for a multitude of reasons. This gentle reminder that we’re all going through this thing called life at the same pace is very wise and is very much needed at the moment. It’s okay to cry.

Prove It

We bet the marketing team behind Nike’s “just do it” slogan wished they’d expanded to this! This tattoo is a simple instruction manual for life and we love it.

The Time is Now

Who? Me. When? Now. Hillel the Elder, a rabbinic sage, put it best with this amazing quote. In addition to being a totally wonderful affirmation, this is a fantastic quote tattoo.

A Reason

We tend to think it’s mostly just chaos, but it’s important to keep in mind that bad circumstances can lead to good outcomes.


This exceptional quote is attributed to Edward Lewis. Remember this when you need a pick-me-up.

Things Change

This lettering sure us fun! The sentiment here is even better: nothing is permanent and things often change.

Stay Tough

The lettering of this quote is much neater than the last and is beautiful in its own way. This reminder to stay tough through hard times is always needed.


“And in that moment I swear we were infinite” is a romantic quote from the coming-of-age novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The bold, black lettering here was a choice!

Not Your Burden

Wow. This light as air tattoo reminding us to not carry the world on our shoulders is stunning.


Feminist scholar and activist Audre Lorde always writes and says the smartest things. Any quote from her would be worthy of a tattoo, but we find this one.

Now Is the Time!

This quote tattoo is so true. “There are no ordinary moments” is perfectly illustrated by this entire year thus far.

Be Your Own Happiness

This person decided that they wanted you to know that they’re all they need and we’re here for it. It’s a strong reminder that you can’t depend on others for your own happiness.

Take the Good with the Bad

Wow, this is one very neat tattoo. And, it’s very true. You take the good with the bad and then watch it grow.

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Surf’s Up

Just ride the wave! This quote is attributed to Jon Kabat-Zinn a doctor and professor who writes and teaches about stress reduction and mindfulness.


This quote tattoo has taken a familiar format from the dictionary. It defines family as “where life begins and love never ends.” You can’t argue with that!


We’re big fans of any Star Wars tattoo but this quote from Yoda isn’t just for the movies. You can easily apply this motto for getting motivated before starting a new endeavor. The cursive font is gorgeous here.


“Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for” is a great quote about picking your battles and putting all your effort behind them.

Burn Bright

Neil Young‘s “Into Black” is a timeless song. This inspiring quote from it reminds us to burn bright and live our best lives.

It Will Happen

This beautiful quote tattoo has an interesting placement up the top of the shoulder. If you’ve ever felt tired of waiting (who hasn’t?), this tattoo is smart advice that good things come to those who wait.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these 30 inspiring quote tattoos. There’s no right or wrong way to go about one, just make sure you choose lettering that you love and get it tattooed where you’ll appreciate it most.

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