Parents Say It’s a ‘Weight Lifted Off’ Their Shoulders After Their 4-Year-Old Son, Who Is Battling Cancer, Also Beat COVID-19

For more than a year, now-4-year-old Archie Wilks has been on a journey towards beating cancer. In January 2019, Archie was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, according to the BBC.

Despite already being tasked with enduring chemotherapy treatments and more in order to beat neuroblastoma, it was discovered in March 2020 that the whole Wilks family had contracted COVID-19. On the Facebook page created to help Archie’s fans follow his journey, the family detailed the additional strain of having coronavirus that was put on little Archie.

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According to the BBC, many of the symptoms that come with contracting COVID-19 mimicked the symptoms he would have after enduring a cancer treatment, Harriet explained. So when the tests came back positive for coronavirus, the family was admittedly shocked.

4-Year-Old Beats COVID-19 While Also Battling Cancer

“Archie has COVID-19 and is currently doing fine in hospital,” Archie’s parents, Harriet and Simon, wrote on Facebook before adding that their other son, Archie’s twin, Henry, contracted the virus as well. “Mummy and Daddy are in the same boat but only minor coughs.”

The couple continued writing that they had been quarantined even before learning of their diagnoses. “We’ve been completely isolating for 17 days so far, with only quick trips for medicine at the hospital, keeping sterile, and outside/away from anyone possible, and still got it from somewhere. One settling thought is that we’ve done everything possible to make sure we haven’t spread it any further.”

As Harriet and Simon shared, despite being most vulnerable to the virus, Archie, as well as Henry, “are currently coping fine with the virus,” but added that “some people clearly won’t,” they wrote. “It’s definitely not worth the risk and no parent wants to be in this hospital ward, wondering if they’re going to be OK and thinking about who you might have spread the virus to. Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”

“Henry will twerk through this and Archie will keep ordering Daddy about in isolation at the hospital. It’s a scary time for everyone in the world and it’s worrying how quickly and easily it is spreading. Don’t worry about us. It’s business as usual. Keep yourselves safe, which will keep everyone else safe at the same time,” the positive family continued.

Now as the BBC reports, the Wilks family, including Archie, has defeated the coronavirus. “Archie’s COVID story has been shared and seen by so many,” Harriet and Simon shared in a separate Facebook post. “We’re blown away by the love and support for Archie and by how much his story can help others.”

“We are also grateful to people who have reached out to us with experience of our position or to help mentally in any way. Mental health is so important, especially at a time like this. Parents of vulnerable children have messaged, who are now slightly less stressed after seeing Archie cope with the virus. Archie is also helping people to deal with their own mental health, by seeing how positively he is dealing with the tough time he’s having. There are people just happy to see a positive story involving the virus, and a vulnerable child fighting back, with so much worry in the world at the moment.”

The proud parents admitted to being biased but that didn’t stop them from calling Archie their “HERO,” because that’s exactly what he is. A hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities,” and through his fight with both cancer and COVID-19 that’s exactly how Archie has inspired so many.

Harriet and Simon also shared “a massive thank you to the real heroes of the NHS,” as well as to the people who continue to share and follow Archie’s story. “They were great through Archie’s recent hospitalization, really putting us at ease, and throughout Archie’s journey so far. Such amazing and selfless people.”

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Although there is more to Archie’s journey that remains to be seen, Harriet told BBC that there is definitely a “weight lifted off” their shoulders knowing that Archie is no longer positive for the virus. Amazing!

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