Mom Removes 4-Year-Old From Preschool After They Chastise Him For Wearing Nail Polish

One mother explains in a now-deleted Reddit post how her 4-year-old son was chastised from his preschool for wearing blue nail polish, just like his twin sister, and promptly decided to pull both kids from school.

Now, her husband is worried she overreacted. The mother went on to reveal how both of her kids loved the color sky blue and of course, when her daughter sported the color, her son wanted to jump in on the fun.

4-Year-Old Removed From Preschool After Wearing Nail Polish
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“My son noticed me painting her nails and thought they were really cool looking and wanted me to paint his nails too so I did,” she wrote.

The Original Poster (OP) had no problem with her son sporting a little nail polish. And she did not expect anyone else to have an issue with it either.

“Today I get a call from the preschool saying that my son’s nails are super distracting and that he is not allowed to come back until we remove the color,” she recalled. “The thing is my daughter was wearing the exact same nail polish as him. I pointed this out and they said ‘her’s aren’t as distracting.'”

The whole situation was deeply “sexist” to the OP. The situation was very “sexist” and the OP did not want her children to go to a school that upholds such ideals.

4-Year-Old Removed From Preschool After Wearing Nail Polish
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“So I told the teachers that because of the issue that neither of my kids will coming back,” she went on to explain.

And as she has taken her kids out of school — she also needed to take time off work, two weeks to be exact, until she finds an alternative. Her husband is now, and rightfully so, angry that she is giving up two weeks of a paycheck on principle.

“[He] is saying that it would have been so much easier for me to remove the polish,” she wrote. “But what kind of message would that send to our kids. That our son can’t wear something that he likes just because he’s a boy?”

Some commented how they believed the mom should have at least had a conversation with her husband prior to giving up that money.

4-Year-Old Removed From Preschool After Wearing Nail Polish
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“You’re not the a–hole for taking the kid out of preschool, that’s dumb of them,” one commenter wrote. “YTA [You are the a–hole] for not discussing this with the other half of your relationship before deciding to just not make any money for two weeks. You could remove the polish and find a new school, the 4-year-old isn’t going to care, but you decided on your own to just not go to work and bring them home. I think your husband is very entitled to be annoyed that you’ve taken this decision without his input or discussion.”

While another commenter agreed, saying: “Add to this the fact that they will most likely have to continue paying for the daycare until their formal notice is accepted. Breaking a daycare contract is much like breaking a lease — they (most likely) need advance written notice. So the fact that they’re losing money on both ends DEFINITELY warranted a conversation with the spouse.”

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