7 Deeply Satisfying Homemade Slime Videos That Prove It’s Slime Time

Homemade slime is beloved by children and has been for decades. While most of us got our first “taste” of making slime at school, lots of families who are practicing social distancing are doing it at home for fun. There are many different recipes and variations but the main ingredients of the ooze are water, glue, borax, and food coloring. You can use the making of the goo as an educational moment to teach your kids some science, but that’s not necessary. We know you’re tired at this point.

Slime is a great way to distract kids and if you make them keep it in a kitchen or other area that’s relatively easy to clean, it’s pretty manageable. It’s also a wonderful way for stressed-out adults to distract themselves. Parents and kids have been making variations of it these days and a new trending one is called fluffy slime. You’re probably asking yourself, what about slime has ever been fluffy? You can get a lighter batch by adding shaving cream to the mix. There’s also a unicorn slime trend that involves the use of different food coloring to give the slime a rainbow effect! Let’s take a look at some deeply satisfying homemade slime videos.

7. Enchanted Blueberry Goo

“Enchanted blueberry boba,” the caption for this video reads. You can add different scents to slime for a sort of aromatherapy moment or to impress the kids. In addition to the blue, there’s also some crackling clay thrown in to give this its boba-effect.

6. A Clay Doughnut

Another popular additive to a slime mix is clay. The person who created this smooshy donut suggests using Model Magic clay. As you can probably tell there’s an ASMR strange-sounds component to these videos so if you have your sound off, go ahead and turn up that volume. Has fried dough ever sounded this disgusting?

5. Rainbow Beads

The addition of small beads to this slime adds a punch of color and, when pressed, some truly bizarre sounds. People really are doing the most with their slimes (a sentence we hope to never read or write again).

4. Aluminum Confetti

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It turns out that the addition of aluminum confetti makes for enjoyable sights and sounds. Crunchy noises are so satisfying and this chunky confetti really works well! We also love how the reflective quality of the confetti helps change the color of the slime as it’s worked.

3. Melted Slime is Divine

Who knew watching thinned-out slime oozing out of eight cups could be this satisfying? It seems like melted slime is best for pouring and combining different colors. This rainbow-colored slime party is so relaxing and beautiful. We’re watching the best mess ever created!

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2. The Fluffy Stuff

Here’s a satisfying example of some fluffy slime. As you can see the shaving cream gives it an airy texture and more marshmallow feel. Combining fluffy slime with more slimy slime makes for an interesting mix that looks similar to when you fold a stiff meringue.

1. Crystal Clear

This clear slime with beads is mesmerizing. The person who posted this video has used a timelapse, and in this case, it is one of the most satisfying things in the world to watch!

Have you enjoyed your ride in the slime lane? It’s clear that the goo is not only enjoyed by kids and that a ton of people are obsessed with it. There are hundreds of slime hashtags on Instagram and some of the popular ones like #homemadeslime have been used over a million times! It’s an entire online community with accounts specifically for sharing slime videos. It’s definitely time to slime.

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