7 Things To Do With Kids That Just Make Sense

If you are looking for an activity to do with your kid that isn’t just watching a movie or going to the zoo, we have quite the creative list for you!

Scroll on to discover a few of our favorite activities to do with your kiddos that just make sense.

7. Destination: Adventure Island!

“I work with kids, I adore kids. I can help you. Easy one, hide riddles rolled up like scrolls that lead to the next scroll around a house/yard,” one user shared. “The final scroll leads to a treasure chest. Give each child a foam sword. Each time they discover the next scroll, ‘attack’ them as a pirate captain (I was captain three eyes because I wear glasses but wore an eye patch under them lol) with a foam sword on each hand. Fight them for a few moments until they ‘beat’ you then run off and wait for them to find the next scroll. Either make the treasure chest a birthday gift for one kid, or fill it with candies for all of them for a general thing. Bonus points if you can recruit friends to help you ‘fight’ the children.”

6. Craft Your Very Own Crystals

“I’m a science teacher, specifically teaching students with additional needs, so I am always using fun ways to teach them! I recently just made geode crystals with them! We made the solution before our school holidays and dropped eggshells into the solution, so after 3 weeks, we have the most beautiful crystals to look at!”

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“Always enjoyed making a Lazer [obstacle] course for my kids,” one parent shared. “You’ll need 20-30 laser pointers, blue-tack and a smoke machine (or anything that you can find to make it easier to see the lasers, strong vape, chalk dust, whatever works….)Blue-tack the lasers to the wall, pointing them at different angles, making a cool laser [obstacle] course for you’re kids. I usually do this on Xmas Eve, like most parents, I let the kids have a single present that night, but they have to complete the course for the prize. (Also helps wear them out enough to actually get to sleep Xmas Eve).”

4. Duel It Out

“When we are stuck inside we will turn the living room into a Nerf battlezone,” one dad shared. “The key thing I have found is trying to come up with things I enjoy too.”

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3. Create A Book

“Draw a book. This is something my daughter loves to do,” one user shared. “We get her to draw something on small rectangular pieces of paper and ‘bind’ them with yarn or staples. Then she ‘reads’ the book to us. Kills a solid 15 minutes.”

2. Nuture Their Curiosity

“Let them get obsessed with things,” another parent shared. “The other day we were walking by a pond and we saw a big heron drinking water. We went home and looked it up on the internet to learn more, and watched a bunch of videos. We went to the zoo the next day to see more big birds like that. I bought her a book at the gift shop about big birds. We go back to the pond a few days later and she sees more birds like that and get super excited and knows all their names. Doing things like that shows her how to learn about things and rewards her for being curious. Curiosity is the most important factor in learning.”

1. Lego Contests

“I used to do this a lot with my little sister,” one user shared, “contest your kid. Basically, pick a toy that your kid loves (for her, it was Legos) and make a contest out of it. I would do one of many sorts of contests with my little sister with her Legos:

  • I give her a bag of random Legos and tell her to build a certain thing with it. She once made the white house out of everything except white Legos!
  • I told her to build something out of the random pieces, and I would build something, and at the end, we would combine them. We’ve built everything from mecha robot cafes to swimming pools with lasers.
  • I would dump all the Legos out on a table and say it’s a free-for-all. From there, we both had 5 minutes to grab whatever we could out of that pile and build something. Whoever is available would judge. If no one else is available, you can take a picture and text it to a friend! Make sure they’re honest, though!

Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to Legos. For example, Barbie dolls. You can design outfits for specific occasions, combine portions of outfits, etc.”

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