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The 40 Least Obnoxious Last Names to Use as a First Name for Your Baby

Let’s face it: the last-name-as-first-name trend is here to stay. Just ask any Mason, Everly, or Jackson! Giving your child a traditional last name as their baby name can sound totally sleek and sophisticated—it’s why Madison was such a popular girl’s name a few years back. But it can also backfire badly, particularly when the name chosen has negative connotations (Nixon, anyone? Apparently, in Utah, yes.) Sometimes there are practical reasons for giving your baby a last name as his or her first name. If you don’t want to hyphenate, it can be a great way to pass on your maiden name without creating a total tongue-twister for your offspring’s future driver’s license. Or maybe there’s a mentor, friend, or public figure you want to honor, but their first name just doesn’t work for you. If you love their last name and want to make their legacy last, go for it! RELATED: The 28 Best Baby Names Inspired by Nature (That Aren’t *Too* Hippie) But sometimes, the last-name-as-first-name trend just goes too far. Bexley, for instance, is currently listed in Nameberry’s top 1,000 baby names, popular with parents who can’t decide between Kingsley, Paisley, and Becky… and decide to go …

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