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Baby Names

Baby Names Choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions a parent must make. After all — with some exception — the name you choose will stay with your child for their entire life. That’s a commitment! Where does one even begin? Do you name your baby after a beloved family member? Do you take suggestions from friends or family? Do you look to entertainment and pop culture for inspiration? Do you look to the world — its many countries and languages and people — and try to find something that honors your heritage or ancestry? Do you just choose a random beautiful baby name that strikes you while you browse? While there are countless baby names websites and databases to help you find the perfect name for your little one, it can all feel a little overwhelming. Trust us: We’ve been there! You could get lost for weeks — months, even — reading over name possibilities and still not even see them all. So we thought we’d try to make finding the perfect name just a little easier for you. Here, you will find expertly-curated editorial lists of baby names for boys and girls. Whether …

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