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Wife Gives Husband Ultimatum If He Doesn't Go To Disney

Wife Gives Husband Insane Ultimatum If He Doesn’t Go To Disney With Her

A man recently got into a marital argument with his wife after she threatened to divorce him after he denied her demands to take a family trip to Disneyland. Allegedly, she became so irate over it that she threatened to divorce him. It all began when the couple got some news… The man’s parents inherited a small property and then revealed how they intend to sell it within the next year. Once they sell it, they plan to distribute the money from the sale evenly between their four children. The husband went on to say his wife waltzed into the room and declared: “When we get that money it’s 100 percent nonnegotiable we are booking Disneyland.” And it should be noted that while the dad does not dislike Disney — and even admits that his whole family would most likely love it. RELATED: Disney Channel Has Its First-Ever Bisexual Character “My kids love Disney/Pixar films,” he started his post on Reddit, which has since been deleted. “My son has additional needs and communicates through pictures and phrases from his favorite films. He would almost certainly enjoy going to Disneyland.” And while the thought of going to Disneyland has not been …

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'Disney Dad' Who Lived With Family's Dead Bodies Saw Murder

‘Disney Dad’ Who Lived With Wife & Kids’ Dead Bodies Witnessed Mother Shot In Head As Adolescent

Federal agents arrived at the home of Anthony “Tony” Todt in Celebration, Florida, a Disney-developed house, to arrest him on charges of insurance fraud back in January. But instead, they found the dead and decomposing bodies of his wife and three children inside — including the family dog, Breezy.

The Top 5 Movies to Stream on Disney+

The Top 5 Movies to Stream on Disney+

If you’re the parent of a young child, you’ve probably already signed up for Disney+, Disney’s on-demand, ad-free streaming service that lets you easily choose from a wide variety of shows and movies from the likes of Pixar, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic. In short, there’s really no end to the options you can choose from, making it a great platform for kids big and small, as well as adults.