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Tattoos and Piercings Hub How do you express yourself? Self-expression is different for everyone, but many of us turn to tattoos and piercings as a way of turning our bodies into expressive, unique works of art. The worlds of tattoos and piercings are as vast and varied as the people who alter their bodies using these techniques. There are simple, minimalist tattoos and highly-complex, maximalist ink that covers entire bodies using all kinds of colors, techniques, and trends. The same goes for piercing: A simple ear piercing gives way to an ear gauge, which gives way to… well, let’s just say there are certainly more extreme paths to take. Whatever you want done to your body, it’s likely you can do it. (Subdermal implants? Sure!) And at MamasUncut, we celebrate the human body and all that it can do. And so here, we celebrate some of the more creative (and often permanent) ways people adorn their bodies with meaningfully beautiful decorations and works of art. Tattoos For the most part, when we talk about tats, we’re talking about permanent ink injected into your skin using a needle. When we say permanent, we mean forever. That’s the beauty of a tattoo: It is with …

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