A Girl Stuck a Cheez-It on the Wall and it Took Her Dad Four YEARS to Notice

How long would it take you to notice if something was a little out of the ordinary at your house?  Recently, a teen put her dad to the ultimate test of paying close attention to his surroundings and the prank has since gone viral.

In 2015, Sara Smith put a Cheez-It on the family’s living room to see how long it would take her dad to notice. She was inspired to try the prank after seeing a story about a girl sticking a chip on the wall, only to have no one notice for weeks.

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Smith provided updates on the running gag via Twitter. “Day 10 and it is still there, stay tuned to see how much longer it will take my dad to notice,” she wrote.

She gave another update on day 55, noting that her dad still had no idea the Cheez-It was there.

By day 100, she assumed he would have noticed the wayward cracker, but even after rearranging the furniture, he hadn’t spotted the misplaced orange square.

Nearly nine months after putting the Cheez-It on the wall, Smith provided an update: “day 275. Almost 9 months. I forgot about it when I was in texas but I just got back and saw it this morning. Dad pls.”

After a near a year (!) up on the wall, Smith shared, “This Thanksgiving will be one year of this god d—n Cheez-It being on my dining room wall w/o my dad even noticing. Rly.”

It had been up so long that Smith had to replace it at some point.

She posted another update 583 days after originally putting it up on the wall. By that time, she had even moved out of her dad’s house, but assured her followers she would still be giving updates on the Cheez-It.

“Day 750. I’m kind of getting tired of this, I thought he’d notice much sooner. I honestly might put another one somewhere.”

In an effort to give her dad a clue about the Cheez-It, she even gave him a box of the crackers at Christmas. He didn’t get the joke, though.

After more than 1400 days of being on the wall, Smith’s brother-in-law finally told her dad about the cracker.

“It is with sadness that I must announce that the gag is up,” Smith tweeted. “After 1,410 days – almost 4 years – my brother-in-law spoiled it for us and mentioned it to my dad.”

Smith thanked her fans for following the cracker saga over the years. “I’m sorry my naïve family didn’t understand that when it rots you simply replace it. I’m just [as] disappointed as you all are. Also, I’m SO mad that we will never know just how unobservant my dad is,” she tweeted.

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